The Loblolly Boy

Publisher: Allen and Unwin

When a winged boy flies into the grounds of a children’s home, he offers to exchange his powers with one of the inhabitants. The boy he chooses is so desperate to leave his unhappy life behind, that he agrees.

The boy is transformed into a loblolly boy: a Peter Pan-like creature who can fly and only be seen by a few 'sensitive' people.  Although he initially enjoys his new-found freedom, soon the boy realises that a life of near-invisibility is not much fun, especially as his kind are pursued by sinister 'collectors.' The loblolly boy feels horribly trapped, until a glimmer of hope emerges through his friendship with some 'sensitive' children ...

This book comes from the pen of a New Zealand based author, it is a lyrically written and memorable story with an ultimately hopeful resolution.

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