My Dad's a Birdman

(3 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Walker Books

Lizzie is doing her best to behave normally in the face of her father’s announcement that he is going to put on wings and take part in The Great Human Bird Competition. He is day-dreaming, giggling and clearly needs looking after – but Auntie Doreen has arrived to feed the pair dumplings and keep their feet firmly on the ground.

Is Dad’s plan to fly unhinged? Or should we (like Lizzie) have belief, and fly with him into the realms of imagination and creativity – to where a man eats worms, tweets with happiness, flaps his wings – and story takes flight.

The pay-off for the attempt is joy. This charmingly illustrated, funny, fast-paced, seemingly simple story, is also beautifully tender and profound.

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