The Climbers

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

There’s not a lot to do in the village Sully calls home. But there are loads of trees. And Sully has climbed almost all of them – he is without doubt the very best climber in the village. Until Nottingham moves in...

When this new kid arrives with exotic stories of his climbing exploits in Sherwood Forest, Sully feels his status is being threatened and takes an instant dislike to the incomer.

As their initially fractious relationship descends into something more spiteful and vindictive, neither has the sense or the courage to back down. And the challenge that will prove who really is top of the heap could also be deadly.

This short but punchy tale of teenage rivalry and the complex dynamic of relationships is likely to have parallels in many readers’ own experiences. The story can perhaps also show how saving face at all costs isn’t necessarily the best strategy. Sully and Nottingham can’t always express or fully understand what they are feeling so their frustration and fear of failure push them to make poor decisions.

An exciting, absorbing thriller presented in a super-readable format.

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