The Little Fir Tree

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Books

Deep in the forest, there lives a beautiful little fir tree. Though he’s surrounded by the wonders of nature, the little fir tree can only compare himself to the other things in the forest, and find himself lacking.

The seasons change and the bigger fir trees around him are picked and taken to see the world – some are made into cabins and others are made into boats. But the little fir tree is still not picked. That is, until Christmas Eve, when he is specially chosen and taken into town, and it feels like all his dreams have come true. But what will happen the day after?

In this beautifully illustrated modern retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s tale, the values of appreciating what we already have and the cycles of nature are explored. The story of the little fir tree is brought to life with the vivid, folk-inspired artwork from Christopher Corr.

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