Time for Tea Polly Wally

Publisher: Red Fox

Polly Wally has a problem. She’s hungry, but can’t find anything nice to eat. First she tries Jemima Giraffe’s luscious leaves – Yuck! Xanthe Zebra recommends grass. Yuck again! Eleanor Elephant eats loads of fruit so Polly Wally tastes that, and Mavis Monkey’s nobbly nuts. Yuck yuck yuck! Each animal loves their special food. Now Polly Wally is really hungry. Then mum arrives with a wiggly worm, a shiny beetle and a crawling caterpillar, Polly Wally is delighted. This time only her friends say Yuck!

Colourful and comical illustrations accompany this appealing story about a hungry little bird hunting her perfect food. Finally, hidden under leafy flaps, just asking to be opened by tiny fingers, Polly Wally finds the tastiest snacks.

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