Books beginning with: I

  • I (Don't) Like Snakes

    Author: Nicola Davies Illustrator: Luciano Lozano
    Publisher: Walker Books

    This is an unusual and amusing tale about a girl who doesn't share her family's enthusiasm for snakes. However, as they tell her more about the incredible reptiles, she has a change of heart.

  • I am a Poetato

    Author: John Hegley
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    This collection of poetry is arranged in A to Z order. It includes funny, touching, fascinating and totally original poems from the man dubbed ‘the laureate of comedy.

  • I am Actually a Penguin

    Author: Sean Taylor Illustrator: Kasia Matyjaszek
    Publisher: Templar Publishing

    The little girl in this story LOVES dressing up and pretending to be something new – and, last week, she got a penguin costume. A funny and vibrant story that rings true for any child who loves to immerse themselves in play. 

  • I Am Bat

    Author: Morag Hood
    Publisher: Macmillan

    This brilliantly funny, fruit-filled book captures the fickleness and changing whims of childhood in a few short sentences and brightly coloured images. Bat is a fully formed character from page one, full of quickly changing emotions and bursting with vitality. 

  • I am Bear

    Author: Ben Bailey Smith and Sav Akyüz
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Meet Bear: the rebel hero of the forest. This charming and anarchic picture book celebrates a mischievious and loveable character.

  • I am Cat

    Author: Jackie Morris
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

    A cat curls up asleep, warm and cosy, and while it sleeps, it dreams. It is a tiger roaming the jungle, a cheetah racing across African plains...

  • I Am Henry Finch

    Author: Alexis Deacon Illustrator: Viviane Schwarz
    Publisher: Walker Books

    The finches do the same thing every day: they say good morning, they say good afternoon and good night. That is, unless the beast comes - then it's chaos.

  • I Am Invited to a Party

    Author: Mo Willems
    Publisher: Walker Books

    In this story Piggie is invited to her first party, and Gerald continually worries that she won’t have exactly the right costume.

  • I am Malala

    Author: Malala Yousafzai
    Publisher: Hachette Children's Group

    This is the real life story of one of the most incredible and inspirational young people in the world. Reading this book might just change the way you think and feel.

  • I Am Not a Copycat!

    Author: Ann Bonwill Illustrator: Simon Rickerty
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Hugo the hippo enjoys practising his water ballet but finds it very annoying that Bella the bird copies his every move. She even dresses like him and follows him to the swimming pool.

  • I Am NOT a Dinosaur!

    Author: Jonny Lambert and American Museum of Natural History Illustrator: Will Lach
    Publisher: Sterling Children’s Books

    This interesting, fun and informative non-fiction book introduces a range of creatures which existed before, during and after the reign of the dinosaurs - including woolly mammoths, pterosaurs and Neanderthals.

  • I Am Number Four

    Author: Pittacus Lore
    Publisher: Penguin Books

    The Nine are sole survivors from the planet Lorien who fled to earth when hostile Mogadarians invaded. They try to live unnoticed, constantly moving, adopting new identities.

  • I Am Still Not a Loser

    Author: Jim Smith
    Publisher: Jelly Pie

    In the second installment of Jim Smith's popular Barry Loser series, Barry has a new problem in the shape of the aptly-named Gordon Smugly.

  • I Am the Music Man

    Author: Debra Potter
    Publisher: Child's Play

    A large book featuring holes through which you can peek to spot which of the thoroughly inclusive band of musicians is playing each instrument.

  • I am Too Absolutely Small for School

    Author: Lauren Child
    Publisher: Hachette

    Lola is nearly big enough to go to school. But in her opinion she is still really quite small, and has far too many important things to keep her extremely busy at home.

  • I Bet I Can Make You Laugh

    Author: Joshua Seigal and Friends Illustrator: Tim Wesson
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Featuring a range of children's poets and traditional verses from cultures around the world, this is a great collection for older primary kids.

  • I Can Do It! Look After My Pet

    Author: Rurt Martin Illustrator: Richard Watson
    Publisher: Templar

    Toddlers can look after their pets! They can stroke the cat, or play gently with the hamster. They can help to feed the dog, clean the fish tank or take a sick pet to the vet.

  • I Can Only Draw Worms

    Author: Will Mabbitt
    Publisher: Puffin

    This genuinely hilarious book is brilliantly simple, based on the idea that the author-illustrator can only draw very childlike worms. Highly recommended.

  • I Can’t Sleep!

    Author: Stephanie Blake Illustrator: Sarah Ardizzone
    Publisher: Gecko Press

    Bunny brothers Simon and Casper spend an exciting day building an amazing outdoor hut. This delightful sibling adventure, with wonderfully expressive illustrations, is full of warmth, love and humour.

  • I Can't Hear Like You

    Author: Althea Illustrator: Bridget Dowty
    Publisher: Catnip Publishing

    A deaf boy introduces us to his life and school. The page numbers and many of the words in the text are signed and there is also a full signed alphabet.

  • I Capture the Castle

    Author: Dodie Smith
    Publisher: Penguin

    17-year-old Cassandra lives an eccentric existence with her bohemian family in a crumbling castle in the English countryside, in this delightful classic coming-of-age story.

  • I Dare You

    Author: Nicole Maubert
    Publisher: Twirl

    How brave are you? Do you dare to open this book and find out what is hiding inside? Do you dare – gulp! – to reach out and touch those creatures?

  • I Don’t Believe It, Archie!

    Author: Andrew Norris Illustrator: Hannah Shaw
    Publisher: David Fickling Books

    Join Archie for a week of mayhem, full of convoluted and very funny situations that ensue

  • I Don’t Want Curly Hair

    Author: Laura Ellen Anderson
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Colour, vivacity and energy animate the often hilarious illustrations, depicting the wildness of the curls and their owner's frustration in this funny, engaging story about accepting who you are.

  • I Don't Know What to Call My Cat

    Author: Simon Philip Illustrator: Ella Bailey
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd

    The girl in this book has got a new pet cat, but has absolutely no idea what to call it. This picture book provides some hearty chuckles and the illustrations have a lovely, big-eyed 'cartoony' feel to them, choc-a-bloc with amusing details.

  • I Don't Want to be a Pea!

    Author: Ann Bonwill Illustrator: Simon Rickerty
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Friends Hugo the hippo and Bella the bird are excited about going to the Fairytale Fancy Dress Party together. The only problem is, they can't decide on a costume...

  • I Don't Want to Go to Bed

    Author: Tony Ross
    Publisher: Harper Collins

    Here is another hugely popular Little Princess story written with great humour and understanding of small children.

  • I Don't Want to Go to School

    Author: Stephanie Blake
    Publisher: Gecko Press

    Parents might find it a useful tool to relieve any pre-school fears, and Simon is a brilliant character that deserves to reach a wide audience.

  • I Don't Want to Wash My Hands!

    Author: Tony Ross
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    The Little Princess has been playing in the garden where she has got dirty. Now she needs to wash her hands before she eats her cake - but she doesn't want to.

  • I Funny: A Middle School Story

    Author: James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein Illustrator: Laura Park
    Publisher: Young Arrow

    Jamie Grimm loves to tell jokes. His friends and his Uncle think he's so funny that he should enter the 'Planet's Funniest Kid Comic' contest. But Jamie knows that his mind might go blank when faced with an audience.

  • I Got a Crocodile

    Author: Nicola Killen
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster

    There was once a little girl who always wanted a brother or sister. Instead, she got a crocodile. This was quite a surprise.

  • I Hate School

    Author: Jeanne Willis Illustrator: Tony Ross
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    A deliciously wicked rhyming account of the dreadful experiences at school of young Honor Brown, where every day, she claims, she faces food poisoning, beatings, sharks and monsters.

  • I Have an Orange Juicy Drink

    Author: Andrew Sanders
    Publisher: Fat Fox

    Porker has an orange juicy drink, but there's no chance he's going to get to drink it in peace. This book is wonderfully vibrant - and the story is funny enough to make parents chuckle, as well as kids. 

  • I Have No Secrets

    Author: Penny Joelson
    Publisher: Egmont Children’s Books

    Fourteen-year-old Jemma has severe cerebral palsy and is non-verbal. She lives with her foster family and has a cherished friend in her carer Sarah. But with Dan, Sarah's boyfriend, things aren't what they seem. A fast-paced and accessible thriller.

  • I Have the Right to be a Child

    Author: Alain Serres Illustrator: Aurelia Fronty Translator: Sarah Ardizzone
    Publisher: Phoenix Yard

    Endorsed by Amnesty International UK, this beautiful picture book details the rights of every child in words that are easy for young readers to understand.

  • I Heart Bedtime (Martha and the Bunny Brothers)

    Author: Clara Vulliamy
    Publisher: HarperCollins

    • Martha has a lot of fun while getting her two brothers, Monty and Pip, off to bed!
    • Colourful and detailed illustrations that young children will love to explore.
    • Enjoy singing 'The Bedtime Bunnies Song!' together.

  • I Heart Holidays (Martha and the Bunny Brothers)

    Author: Clara Vulliamy
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books

    • Read about Martha and her little bunny brothers on their splashy, sunny holiday!
    • Colourful and detailed illustrations that young children will love to explore.
    • Follow Martha as she stays upbeat while trying to entertain her brothers.

  • I is for Iran

    Author: Shirin Adl Illustrator: Kamyar Adl
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    Another letter in Frances Lincoln’s World Alphabet series

  • I Killed Father Christmas

    Author: Anthony McGowan Illustrator: Chris Riddell
    Publisher: Little Gems

    This enchanting festive tale is a poignant reminder of what Christmas is really about – love and kindness. With Christmas jokes and games hidden in the jacket flaps, this delightful tale is sure to become a firm Christmas favourite.

  • I Knew You Were Trouble

    Author: Paige Toon
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster

    Sixteen-year-old Jessie Jefferson has discovered something the rest of the world has yet to find out: her dad is a world-famous rock star. A fun and exciting page turner, this is the perfect teen holiday read.

  • I Like Bees, I Don’t Like Honey

    Author: Sam Bishop Illustrator: Fiona Lumbers
    Publisher: Faber & Faber

    This is a joyous book that celebrates what makes us unique. Written in a lively rhyme and with beautiful and inclusive illustrations, it will help you talk to your children about their likes and dislikes, and rejoice in their individuality.

  • I Like Books

    Author: Anthony Browne
    Publisher: Walker Books

    They should chuckle at the illustrations of the fat books and thin books, be inspired by the books about space and make their own peculiar noises when the chimp is enjoying a song book.

  • I Like It When

    Author: Mary Murphy
    Publisher: Red Wagon

    A touching and heart-warming book, illustrated in dramatic primary colours.

  • I Like To Put Food in My Welly

    Author: Jason Korsner Illustrator: Max Low
    Publisher: Graffeg

    Children will adore this brilliantly surreal book of poems, which get sillier for the longer you read them. Korsner’s word play is also ideal for helping little ones learn when short sentences are right or wrong!

  • I Love Bugs

    Author: Emma Dodd
    Publisher: Orchard Books

    A large, bright, creepy-crawly bug safari through a little boy’s garden, with a final spread which shows how we often react to them.

  • I Love Halloween

    Author: Giles Andreae Illustrator: Emma Dodd
    Publisher: Orchard

    This little boy has a brilliant time taking part in all the Halloween fun, but just like any other day, Mum and Dad are on hand to make sure his reliable nightly routine stays on track. The illustrations are sweet and the book has lovely singsong rhymes.

  • I Love My Daddy

    Author: Giles Andreae Illustrator: Emma Dodd
    Publisher: Orchard Books

    Picture book favourites Giles Andreae and Emma Dodd team up to celebrate the relationship between a child and their father in this delightful board book.

  • I Love my Mummy

    Author: Sebastien Braun
    Publisher: Boxer Books Ltd

    Shortlisted for the Booktrust Early Years Awards 2006, this is a stunningly illustrated celebration of motherhood.

  • I Love My Mummy

    Author: Giles Andreae Illustrator: Emma Dodd
    Publisher: Orchard Books

    What is it about Mummies that makes them so lovable and so very special?

  • I Love You

    Author: Giles Andreae Illustrator: Emma Dodd
    Publisher: Orchard Books

    Whether it’s playing in the garden or eating ice-cream, this baby delights in experiencing everything around it.

  • I Love You

    Author: Clemency Pearce Illustrator: Rosalind Beardshaw
    Publisher: Nosy Crow

    This beautifully illustrated book about forest animals shares a very important lesson: that those three little words can make a huge difference to someone feeling blue.

  • I Love You (Nearly Always)

    Author: Anna Llenas
    Publisher: Templar

    Roly is a woodlouse and Rita is a firefly - opposites attract, but sometimes their differences get annoying, so they're going to have to learn to compromise! Ingenious paper engineering and a great message make this a lovely title to share.

  • I Love You Already!

    Author: Jory John Illustrator: Benji Davies
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

    Duck is desperate to spend a fun-filled day with his friend, but Bear just wants to be by himself. This vibrantly illustrated tale about friendship is full of humour and warmth.

  • I Love You Bunny

    Author: Alina Surnaite
    Publisher: Lincoln Children's Books

    It's bedtime for Suzy, but she's scared of monsters - and things get even more scary when Bunny disappears during the night! A warm story that will reassure little ones who are worried about monsters in the shadows.

  • I Love You Dino-Daddy

    Author: Mark Sperring Illustrator: Sam Lloyd
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    This celebration of all the fun that fathers have with their little ones is a lovely way to tell Dad just how much he's loved.

  • I Love You More And More

    Author: Nicky Benson Illustrator: Jonny Lambert
    Publisher: Little Tiger

    Bear and Cub love roaming through their world. And as they roam, Bear explains how much she loves Cub. The deceptively simple rhyming text celebrates the solidity of this parent and child bond, with stylish double-page illustrations.

  • I Love You, Baby

    Author: Claire Freedman Illustrator: Judi Abbot
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster

    This celebration of the love a parent has for their child is perfect for cuddles, as all sorts of baby animals learn that they will always be loved - no matter what.

  • I Love You, Blue Kangaroo!

    Author: Emma Chichester Clark
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    • This classic story is about the loss of a favourite toy.
    • Blue Kangaroo is forgotten when new toys arrive but soon Lily misses her old friend.
    • The book is beautifully illustrated.

  • I Love You, Father Christmas

    Author: Giles Andreae
    Publisher: Orchard

    A sweet picture book, full of engaging rhyme about one child's love for Father Christmas.

  • I Love You, Stick Insect

    Author: Chris Naylor-Ballesteros
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Stick Insect has fallen in love with another stunning Stick Insect - the only problem is, it's actually a stick. Enjoy hilarious, expressive illustrations in this amusing story.

  • I Need a Wee!

    Author: Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster

    Alan the bear is having a fantastic time at the funfair until he starts dancing in that unmistakeable way and his friends have to help him find somewhere he can have a wee. But unfortunately there's nowhere to go, until Alan stumbles onto a stage and manages to win a most useful (and capacious) trophy.

  • I Never Liked Wednesdays

    Author: Roger McGough Illustrator: Michael Broad
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    A hilarious tale about two young boys getting up to mischief and into scrapes in latter-day Liverpool, by the award-winning poet, playwright and author, Roger McGough.

  • I Really Want That Unicorn

    Author: Fabi Santiago
    Publisher: Orchard Books

    Chloe REALLY wants the Mellow Yellow unicorn in the toyshop window, and she's determined to win it! This story about competitive kids is full of expressive detail, fabulous cakes and towering castles – tons of fun and a great message for little ones.

  • I Really Want to See You, Grandma

    Author: Taro Gomi
    Publisher: Chronicle Books

    Yumi and her grandmother have the same great idea at the same time: they want to see each other! Simple and lovely with a warm colour palette, Taro Gomi has created another wonderful book about everyday life, with an enduring message that love conquers all.

  • I Really Want to Win

    Author: Simon Philip Illustrator: Lucia Gaggiotti
    Publisher: Templar

    Another joyful story from Simon Philips with an important message that taking part in competitions is what counts, rather than winning shiny medals. 

  • I Say OOH You Say AAH

    Author: John Kane
    Publisher: Templar Books

    A brilliant call-and-response book, which is perfect for fun with kids who can remember and relish all its chaotic rules.

  • I See a Darkness

    Author: Reinhard Kleist
    Publisher: Self Made Hero

    This graphic novel presents Cash as we know him: dangerous, possessed and full of music.

  • I See You Baby

    Author: Kevin Brooks
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    This is an engaging and funny short story by two brilliant writers for young people. It is also dyslexia friendly.

  • I Spy on the Farm

    Author: Edward Gibbs
    Publisher: Brubaker, Ford & Friends

    What better place to play a game of ‘I Spy’ than down on the farm, which is full of colourful and noisy animals?

  • I Spy With My Little Eye

    Author: Edward Gibbs
    Publisher: Brubaker, Ford & Friends

    This vibrant picture book transforms the familiar game 'I Spy' into an exotic journey into a world of glowing colour, inhabited by amazing animals.

  • I Swapped My Brother on the Internet!

    Author: Jo Simmons iIllustrator: Nathan Reed
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Every child with a sibling should read this book. This cautionary tale will make children yelp in agreement, roll around with laughter but ultimately leave them appreciating their brother or sister a little bit more. 

  • I Thought I Saw A... Lion!

    Author: Lydia Nichols
    Publisher: Templar

    This cute board book follows a lion all around town as he hides around various places. The illustrations are cool and modern, and robust production means little hands can enjoy the sturdy sliding tabs without damage.

  • I Totally Don't Want to Play

    Author: Ann Bonwill Illustrator: Simon Rickerty
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Hugo the hippo, is looking forward to spending time skating with his friend, Bella, but she's made friends with a new friend and Hugo feels left out.

  • I Want a Bunny!

    Author: Tony Ross
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    This new instalment in The Little Princess’ adventures reminds children of the responsibilities of owning a pet, as well as depicting the kind of “frenemy” friendship that children often experience. Totally relatable for children, as well as making us laugh.

  • I Want a Friend!

    Author: Tony Ross
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Meet one of the great characters of children's books as Little Princess starts school.

  • I Want A Sister!

    Author: Tony Ross
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    The Little Princess is pleased to hear about the new baby - but only if it's a sister.

  • I Want My Hat Back

    Author: Jon Klassen
    Publisher: Walker Books

    A bear sets out in search of his hat - he loves his hat and he wants it back

  • I Want My Light on!

    Author: Tony Ross
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    No way is the Little Princess turning her light out at bedtime - 'I'm not so much afraid of the DARK... I'm more afraid of ghosts'.

  • I Want My Potty!

    Author: Tony Ross
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    The Little Princess hates nappies, and thinks there must be something better. This is classic picture book entertainment, which will be especially appreciated by any children who are learning to love their potty!

  • I Want Spaghetti!

    Author: Stephanie Black
    Publisher: Gecko Press

    Simon, the little rabbit, will only eat one thing…spaghetti!

  • I Want to Win!

    Author: Tony Ross
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    The Little Princess is used to getting her own way, which means that when she plays games at home she always wins. But at school, the rules are different.

  • I Was a Rat

    Author: Philip Pullman Illustrator: Peter Bailey
    Publisher: Random House

    A small boy arrives on the doorstep of a childless couple, politely but insistently asserting that he used to be a rat.

  • I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato

    Author: Lauren Child
    Publisher: Hachette

    Charlie tricks his younger sister, Lola - an extremely fussy eater - into eating all her least favourite foods.

  • I Will Not Wear Pink

    Author: Joyce Dunbar Illustrator: Polly Dunbar
    Publisher: Otter-Barry Books

    When Priscilla the pig invites Plunkett to a party, he refuses to wear the pink costume she has sent him. This uplifting tale about being yourself combines exuberant illustrations and jolly rhythmic text, which is great fun to read aloud.

  • I Wish

    Author: Nick Ward
    Publisher: Pavilion Books

    • This beautiful book touches on the power of the imagination and of dreams.
    • The rhyming words in the story make it really memorable.
    • The night time pictures are simply lovely.

  • I Wish I Were a Dog

    Author: Lydia Monks Illustrator: Lydia Monks
    Publisher: Egmont

    This sturdy board book edition of Lydia Monks’ Smarties Bronze Award winning tale is filled with vibrant, quirky illustrations and Monks’ trademark collage style.

  • I Wish I Were a Pirate

    Author: Smriti Prasadam-Halls Illustrator: Sarah Ward
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    A wonderfully chunky, rhyming board book about pirates, with exciting things to spot on every page, thanks to the colourful and jolly illustrations. An ideal book for even the youngest toddler to enjoy.

  • I Yam a Donkey!

    Author: Cece Bell
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    A donkey and a yam are arguing about grammar. The exuberant donkey keeps getting things wrong. And the pernickety yam gets more and more irritated.

  • I, Coriander

    Author: Sally Gardner
    Publisher: Hachette

    Coriander Hobie's happy childhood in 17th-century London is brought to an abrupt end when her mother is murdered by an evil fairy queen from the land of her youth.

  • I, Cosmo

    Author: Carlie Sorosiak
    Publisher: Nosy Crow

    Cosmo is a dog with a passion for dance. When his family no longer have enough love to stay together, can he save them? This charming story brings together the fun of canine freestyle dance and the heartbreak of divorce into a single, moving story about families.

  • I’ll Never Let You Go

    Author: Smriti Prasadam-Halls Illustrator: Alison Brown
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    This is a reassuring picture book for the very youngest - ideal for bedtime, with its simple, undemanding and child-friendly backgrounds.

  • I’m Going to Eat This Ant

    Author: Chris Naylor-Ballesteros
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Anteater is hungry, but he’s pretty tired of licking up nasty biting ants with his twirly tongue. You’ll be rooting for the hungry Anteater from the start: a fabulous, funny book that also celebrates food.

  • I’m not cute!

    Author: Jonathan Allen
    Publisher: Boxer Books

    Baby Owl is fed up. In fact, he’s furious. He sets off for a walk in the woods but kangaroo, fox and squirrel won’t leave him alone. They insist on picking him up, hugging him and telling him how cute he is. It’s too much! For Baby Owl doesn’t think he’s cute at all: he’s a sleek hunting machine with silent wings and huge …

  • I’m not Reading!

    Author: Jonathan Allen
    Publisher: Boxer Books

    Baby Owl really wants to read out loud but a fluffy cloud of chicks put him on the spot, how can he read now?

  • I’m the Biggest

    Author: Stephanie Blake Illustrator: Linda Burgess
    Publisher: Gecko Press

    This light-hearted picture book is a welcome addition to the Simon and Casper series, and touches on some common issues experienced by many toddlers, such as jealousy, unfairness and sibling rivalry. 

  • Ian's Walk: A Story about Autism

    Author: Laurie Lears Illustrator: Karen Ritz
    Publisher: Albert Whitman & Company

    This is a useful book for discussing autism, sibling relationships and responsibility.

  • Ice Bear

    Author: Nicola Davies Illustrator: Gary Blythe
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Facts about polar bears are woven alongside the lyrical text in this sumptuously illustrated picture book.

  • Iced Out

    Author: C K Smouha Illustrator: Isabella Bunnell
    Publisher: Cicada Books

    Wilfred the Narwhal and Neville the Walrus are the odd ones out at Miss Blubber's School for Arctic Mammals... but will things change when Betty the Beluga joins the class? A stunning, empowering must-read for all children.

  • If All the World Were

    Author: Joseph Coelho Illustrator: Allison Colpoys
    Publisher: Lincoln Children’s Books

    This beautiful story tells the love that one little girl has for her ageing grandad. One day he isn’t there anymore, but the little girl finds evidence of their happy times together. A touching, sensitive text that doesn’t dwell on the sadness and could bring real comfort.

  • If I Had a Dinosaur

    Author: Gabby Dawnay Illustrator: Alex Barow
    Publisher: Thames & Hudson

    A little girl wishes ever so desperately that she could have a pet, but she's unsure about what kind of pet she would like.

  • If I Stay

    Author: Gayle Forman
    Publisher: Definitions

    A beautifully written book with moments of real sadness, hope, laughter, tragedy and joy.

  • If I was a Banana

    Author: Alexandra Tylee Illustrator: Kieran Rynhart
    Publisher: Gecko Press

    'If I was…' begins this gentle picture-book poem, in which a boy takes off on a flight of fancy. This lovely exercise in imagination would be a brilliant classroom project for young writers, and an ideal bedtime read at home.

  • If You Find Me

    Author: Emily Murdoch
    Publisher: Indigo

    Mama's been gone over a month now and Carey is all alone with her baby sister in the camper van in the backwoods of Tenessee.

  • If You Find This

    Author: Matthew Baker
    Publisher: Hot Key

    Funny, touching and a little bit scary, Nicholas' story is a celebration of individual difference as a disparate group of marginalised characters come together to overcome convention and find fulfilment.

  • If You Were Me

    Author: Sam Hepburn
    Publisher: Chicken House

    Complex plotting, thoughtful characterisation and terrifying insights into a world of organised crime will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

  • If You're Happy and You Know It

    Author: Annie Kubler
    Publisher: Child's Play

    On every page of this board book are attractive, colourful illustrations of babies clapping their hands, rolling about on the floor and hugging their friends.

  • If You're Happy and You Know It!

    Author: Anna McQuinn Illustrator: Sophie Fatus
    Publisher: Barefoot Books

    This lively and colourful retelling of a favourite action rhyme is accompanied by a fun watch and singalong CD.

  • Iggy and Me on Holiday

    Author: Jenny Valentine Illustrator: Joe Berger
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books

    Flo's little sister, Iggy, is devastated when her first summer term comes to an end. What will she do all day for six whole weeks and can anything be as exciting as school?

  • Igor: The Bird Who Couldn't Sing

    Author: Satoshi Kitamura
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    This is a life-affirming and hugely enjoyable story about the joy of being different and the joy of self-expression.

  • Iguana Boy Saves the World with a Triple Cheese Pizza

    Author: James Bishop Illustrator: Rikin Parekh
    Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

    Dylan Spencer has a rubbish superpower: he can talk to iguanas. But when all the rest of the world’s superheroes are kidnapped, he is the only one left to save the planet. A hilarious and heartwarming book, packed full of brilliant, comic-strip illustrations.

  • Iguana Boy vs the 30 Second Thief

    Author: James Bishop Illustrator: Rikin Parekh
    Publisher: Hodder

    Iguana Boy has started at Superhero HQ, and his first mission is to escape the Cats in Trees department. Just like the first Iguana Boy book, this is zany, funny and warm – like the X-Men if Spike Milligan had invented their superpowers.

  • I'll Be There

    Author: Holly Goldberg Sloan
    Publisher: Piccadilly Press

    This quirky romance will stay with readers long after they have turned the last page.

  • I'll Give You the Sun

    Author: Jandy Nelson
    Publisher: Walker

    I'll Give You the Sun is a beautiful book about family, about choices, about art, and about growing up.

  • I'll Love You Always

    Author: Mark Sperring Illustrator: Alison Brown
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    This is a perfect bedtime book about the everlasting bond of love between a little mouse and her mummy or daddy.

  • Illegal

    Author: Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin and Illustrator: Giovanni Rigano
    Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

    Illegal tells the story of Ebo, a 12-year-old boy who flees grinding poverty, zero opportunities and a drunken uncle in his small village in Africa. An absolute must-read, this graphic novel is thought-provoking, profound, sensitive and totally gripping.

  • Illuminature

    Author: Rachel Williams Illustarted by Carnovsky
    Publisher: Wide Eyed

    Ten of the world's most fascinating and unusual natural habitats are explored here, from The Simpson Desert in Australia to the Weddell and Ross Seas in Antartica. 

  • Illustrated Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    Author: J.K. Rowling Illustrator: Jim Kay
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    The second in the fully illustrated Harry Potter series, the artwork in Chamber of Secrets is perhaps even more impressive and detailed than in the first book. A treat for Harry Potter fans and a new generation of readers.

  • I'm a Girl!

    Author: Yasmeen Ismail
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Like all good children's writers, Ismail has managed to bind the message in a picture book that is a delight in every aspect.

  • I'm a Little Alien

    Author: James Carter Illustrator: Mique Moriuchi
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books

    Through rhyme smaller children can be introduced to new words and concepts while older children can try reading the poems aloud themselves. An absolute delight.

  • I'm a Little Teapot!

    Author: Annie Kubler
    Publisher: Childs Play

    A lively board book in which children introduce the popular rhyme and the accompanying actions. One of the children pictured has a hearing aid.

  • I'm Big Now

    Author: Anthea Simmons Illustrator: Georgie Birkett
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    When her little brother is born, a little girl realises she is no longer the baby!

  • I'm Cat

    Author: Jan Pieńkowski
    Publisher: Walker Books

    The autumnal colours in this clever yet simple board book (shaped like a cat’s head, with ears) are full of warmth, making this a perfect book to share with babies.

  • I'm in Charge!

    Author: Jeanne Willis Illustrator: Peter Jarvis
    Publisher: Nosy Crow

    A cautionary tale for the more spirited of children, this book shows how being in charge all the time is not just a bit mean, but can come back to bite you. The wonderfully funny rhyming will keep children reading along with interest and anticipation.

  • I'm Sure I Saw a Dinosaur

    Author: Jeanne Willis Illustrator: Adrian Reynolds
    Publisher: Andersen

    Willis and Reynolds have produced a highly engaging story, with a humorous twist at the end. It's an ideal book for bedtime, with an easily memorable text for young readers to learn and join in with.

  • I'm the Best

    Author: Lucy Cousins
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Dog’s friends become dejected by his boastfulness, before realising that they all have things they do well too.

  • I'm the Happiest

    Author: Anna Shuttlewood
    Publisher: QED Publishing

    This colourful book has a simple and important message for children. Everyone is different yet equally important.

  • Imaginary Fred

    Author: Eoin Colfer Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers
    Publisher: HarperCollins

    Fred is an imaginary friend who floats like a feather in the clouds, waiting for a lonely child to wish him into existence. This uplifting and funny picture book about overcoming loneliness celebrates the power of hope and friendship.

  • Imelda & the Goblin King

    Author: Briony May Smith
    Publisher: Flying Eye Books

    Imelda and the kind fairies triumph over the greedy, grumpy goblin king in this picture book rooted in classic fairy tales - and accompanied by some dazzling illustrations. 

  • Immi

    Author: Karin Littlewood
    Publisher: Gullane

    A little Inuit girl has a fairly harsh and lonely life until the day she catches a brightly coloured, wooden bird at the end of her fishing rod.

  • Impossible Inventions

    Author: Matgorzata Mycielska Aleksandra Mizielinska & Daniel Mizielinski
    Publisher: Gecko Press

    In Impossible Inventions, the team behind the bestselling Maps detail a wealth of incredible inventions, from 1st-century automatic-opening temple doors, a sweet sorter and an 18th-century magnetic balloon to a 3D-printed space base on the moon.

  • In a Minute

    Author: Tony Bradman Illustrator: Eileen Browne
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books

    Jo and Sita's visit to the park with Jo's parents is threatened by so many delays they fear they'll never get there.

  • In Darkling Wood

    Author: Emma Carroll
    Publisher: Faber & Faber

    An unusual and engaging dual-narrative tale about love, loss, faith and complex family relationships.

  • In Focus

    Author: Libby Walden Illustrator: Barbara Bakos Chester Bentley L’Atelier Cartographik Chris Chatterton Jessie Ford Thomas Pullin Clair Rossiter Lindsey Spinks Jen Taylor & Tracey Tucker
    Publisher: 360 degrees

    A beautiful book to browse that contains a wealth of interesting nuggets of information, handsomely presented by ten different illustrators.

  • In the Attic

    Author: Hiawyn Oram Illustrator: Satoshi Kitamura
    Publisher: Anderson Press

    A simple yet powerful message about the joy of the imagination and how it can take us anywhere we wish to go

  • In The Beginning: Best Loved Bible Stories

    Author: Jan Pienkowski
    Publisher: Walker Books

    In this collection of Old Testament stories, Pienkowski uses the original text but illustrates the stories with his inimitable psychedelic punk art style, highlighting the drama and magic of these old tales. 

  • In the Key of Code

    Author: Aimee Lucido
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Emmy is in a new city and new school and has just discovered computer coding. But why are people in class keeping secrets? This verse novel brilliantly combines poetry, music and coding with a coming-of-age story and a celebration of girls in STEM. 

  • In The Mouth of the Wolf

    Author: Michael Morpurgo Illustrator: Barroux
    Publisher: Egmont

    An elderly man remembers a life full of loss and bravery as a member of the Resistance in Nazi-occupied France. This is a deeply moving book that packs a lot of emotion, and a vivid cast of characters, into very few chapters.

  • In The Sea There Are Crocodiles

    Author: Fabio Geda Translator: Howard Curtis
    Publisher: David Fickling Books

    First published in Italian last year, the story of Enaiatollah Akbari's journey from Afghanistan to Italy has now been translated into English

  • In the Swamp by the Light of the Moon

    Author: Frann Preston-Gannon
    Publisher: Templar Books

    A little frog sits by the pond with his guitar one evening, singing by the light of the moon. As different voices gradually join in – a crocodile, some little mice and colourful fish – the song of the swamp takes shape. But somebody’s voice is missing – can they find the final piece? Everybody’s voice counts in this gentle, lulling rhyme that is perfect…

  • In Their Shoes

    Author: Julia Nicholson and Anne-Laure Mercier Illustrator: Lucie Arnoux
    Publisher: Pushkin Children's Books

    Nine well-known fairy stories return to their origins in this beautifully illustrated compilation.

  • In Your Light

    Author: Annalie Grainger
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster

    In the midst of a violent storm, Lil comes across a young girl: dirty, bleeding and terrified. Could she hold the key to the disappearance of Lil’s sister, four months earlier?  An unsettling story of secrets, sisterhood and obsession.

  • Incarceron

    Author: Catherine Fisher
    Publisher: Hachette

    A rich complex fantasy about two very different worlds

  • Incey Wincey Spider

    Author: Annie Kubler
    Publisher: Child's Play

    Part of the Sign and Singalong series of bright, colourful books featuring children showing signs and actions to accompany simple rhymes.

  • India Dark

    Author: Kirsty Murray
    Publisher: Templar

    In late 1909, 13-year-old Poesy Swift is presented with an irresistible opportunity to escape her oppressive life in Melbourne...

  • Infernal Devices

    Author: Philip Reeve
    Publisher: Scholastic

    Third in Philip Reeve’s series, Infernal Devices sees Anna Fang’s Green Storm forces still locked in destructive conflict with the Traction cities.

  • Infinite Sky

    Author: C J Flood
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Books

    Iris's mum has gone, leaving her to look after her older brother and dad. When a family of Irish Travellers park up on the farm, the summer becomes even more eventful.

  • Ingo

    Author: Helen Dunmore
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books

    In Cornish legend, the Zenor mermaid fell in love with Mathew Trewhella and enticed him away to live in the sea with her forever...

  • Inheritance

    Author: Balli Kaur Jaswal
    Publisher: Epigram Books

    As a newly-independent Singapore struggles to establish its own identity and economic stability, a single father in the Punjabi Sikh community tries his hardest to keep his family intact. An astonishing novel.

  • Ink

    Author: Alice Broadway
    Publisher: Scholastic

    The people around her may wear their lives tattooed on their skin, but Leora discovers that not everything is as it seems when her beloved dad passes away in this gripping opening to a brand-new YA trilogy.

  • Ink and Bone

    Author: Rachel Caine
    Publisher: Allison and Busby

    Fans of The Hunger Games and Harry Potter are sure to enjoy Ink and Bone and will also look forward with eagerness to next book in The Great Library Series so they can find out what fate holds in store for Jess and his new friends.

  • Inkheart

    Author: Cornelia Funke
    Publisher: The Chicken House

    12-year-old Meggie and her father, Mo, a bookbinder, both love reading, but since the disappearance of Meggie's mother, they no longer read together. One night a stranger knocks at their door, prompting Mo to reveal his awful secret.

  • Inkling

    Author: Kenneth Oppel
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Ethan’s father is a famous graphic novelist, and everyone always assumes Ethan must be an amazing artist too – except he isn’t. So when Ethan discovers Inkling – an incredible, living ink blob who ‘eats’ the ink from books, posters and magazines, then creates brilliant pictures – Ethan figures all his struggles with drawing are over.

  • Insect Detective

    Author: Steve Voake Illustrator: Charlotte Voake
    Publisher: Walker Books

    A range of insects are introduced – wasps, solitary bees, ants, dragonflies – and their behaviour described.

  • Insect Emporium

    Author: Susie Brooks Illustrator: Dawn Cooper
    Publisher: Red Shed

    This stunning non-fiction picture book is a fabulous exploration of the insect world for young children. As well as looking at familiar creatures, such as bees, ladybirds and ants, it also features other more unusual specimens, including fireflies, stick insects and some spectacular mantises.

  • Insignia

    Author: S J Kinkaid
    Publisher: Hot Key Books

    What if playing computer games could help you save the world?

  • Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus

    Author: Dusti Bowling
    Publisher: Sterling Children’s Books

    Aven’s dad has just been offered a new job, managing a rundown theme park. And it turns out the theme park conceals some surprising secrets… With likeable characters and quirky humour, readers are likely to find this an inspiring and charming read. 

  • Inspector Brunswick: The Case of the Missing Eyebrow

    Author: Angela Keoghan and Chris Lam Sam Illustrator: Angela Keoghan
    Publisher: Tate Publishing

    Inspector Brunswick is the world's greatest cat detective. After a busy week of crime solving, he looks forward to a pleasant visit to the art museum with his trusty canine assistant, Nelson.

  • Interstellar Cinderella

    Author: Deborah Underwood Illustrator: Meg Hunt
    Publisher: Chronicle Books

    Told in amusing rhyming verse with bold illustrations, this is a fresh, enjoyable revamp of a traditional tale.

  • Into That Forest

    Author: Louis Nowra
    Publisher: Egmont

    Two girls find themselves lost in the Tasmanian bush in this powerful and memorable novel.

  • Into the Blue

    Author: Nicola Davies Illustrator: Abbie Cameron
    Publisher: Graffeg

    Nicola Davies takes young readers on an imaginary trip to the seaside, with Abbie Cameron's beautiful illustrations depicting the marvellous life on the beach and in the sea.

  • Into the Forest

    Author: Anthony Browne
    Publisher: Walker Books

    One night a young boy is awoken by a terrible noise. The next day he finds his father has disappeared and his mother doesn't know when he's coming back.

  • Into the Jungle: Stories for Mowgli

    Author: Katherine Rundell Illustrator: Kristjana S Williams
    Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

    Inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, this splendid collection of five short stories focuses on a variety of characters from the original tale. Full of stylish illustrations and a hardback cover, it would make a stunning gift book.

  • Introducing Teddy

    Author: Jessica Walton Illustrator: Dougal MacPherson
    Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

    Errol starts to notice that his teddy bear Thomas seems sad - he has always known he is a girl teddy, but is worried that Errol will not want to play with him anymore. A rare but much-needed picture book about gender fluidity.

  • Invictus

    Author: Ryan Graudin
    Publisher: Orion

    Born out of time, Far McCarthy has always planned to be a time traveller, but his hopes are dashed when a computer appears to malfunction. However, it turns out to have been no malfunction, but a plot – one which will involve him, and everyone he loves.

  • Invisible Emmie

    Author: Terri Libenson
    Publisher: Puffin

    Thirteen-year-old Emmie is the quiet girl at school, the one nobody notices. She loves to draw – and is good at it too – and has a best friend, Brianna, but her crippling shyness makes school and interacting with, well, anyone, really scary.

  • Invisible Fiends: Mr Mumbles

    Author: Barry Hutchison
    Publisher: HarperCollins

    Kyle's imaginary friend from childhood is back! With a vengeance.

  • Invisible in a Bright Light

    Author: Sally Gardner
    Publisher: Zephyr Books (imprint of Zeus)

    A mysterious and riveting fantasy thriller, with elements of horror, that will especially appeal to readers who enjoy puzzles and problem-solving. It will keep you pinned to your seat for hours. 

  • Invisible Inc.

    Author: Steve Cole Illustrator: Jim Field
    Publisher: Simon and Schuster

    This madcap science-fiction thriller is packed with humorous illustrations and features whacky inventions, gigantic homicidal chickens, corny jokes and some very old ghosts.

  • Invisible Vinnie

    Author: Jenny Nimmo Illustrator: Sue Heap
    Publisher: Random House

    Rose is miserable and one morning she confides in her Uncle Vinnie. Although she is worried about reading in class, her real problem is Zack, a school bully, who teases her.

  • Iremonger: Heap House

    Author: Edward Carey
    Publisher: Hot Key Books

    At the heart of Heap House, amongst the piles of rubbish that cover the London borough of Filching, Clod Iremonger can hear his bath-plug speaking to him.

  • Iris and Isaac

    Author: Catherine Rayner
    Publisher: Little Tiger Press

    This gorgeous story from an award-winning picture book- maker is a classic tale of friendship between two quarrelling polar bears. Rayner's illustrations are a delight and her animals are full of character.

  • Is it a Mermaid?

    Author: Candy Gourlay Illustrator: Francesca Chessa
    Publisher: Otter-Barry Books

    Bel and Benji meet a friendly dugong, also known as a sea cow, on a tropical beach. This delightful book about friendship, imagination and self-belief includes factual information about these gentle marine mammals, who are sadly at threat of extinction. 

  • Is it Bedtime Wibbly Pig?

    Author: Mick Inkpen
    Publisher: Hodder Children's Books

    Children will love the humorous and endearing pictures while parents will recognise only too well the familiar excuses to delay bedtime. A comforting and cosy book for sharing at bedtime.

  • Is it Christmas Yet?

    Author: Jane Chapman
    Publisher: Little Tiger

    Christmas is coming, and Ted is so excited, he's ready to pop! A gentle story about preparing for Christmas with bright, lively illustrations.

  • Is It Really Nearly Christmas?

    Author: Joyce Dunbar Illustrator: Victoria Turnbull
    Publisher: Hodder

    There’s only one more sleep until Christmas, but Lucas cannot wait! A soothing classic story about the magic of Christmas and the anticipation felt in the run up.  A perfect read for settling down excited children on Christmas Eve.

  • Is There a Dog In This Book?

    Author: Viviane Schwarz
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Join the cats on this fun, interactive story as they hide from and search for the (spoiler alert) dog that is in this book. Told entirely through speech bubbles and with lots of flaps to lift, this is a book you'll want to come back to again and again.

  • Is This My Nose?

    Author: Georgie Birkett
    Publisher: Random House

    This book is full of lots of faces and lots of fun!

  • Isaac and His Amazing Asperger Superpowers!

    Author: Melanie Walsh
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Isaac introduces himself, explaining from the outset that he has 'superpowers', making him slightly different. He then guides us through some of the many challenges faced by children with Asperger's Syndrome.

  • Isadora Moon Goes to School

    Author: Harriet Muncaster
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Isadora Moon is half fairy, half vampire. When she reaches school age, she visits both a fairy and vampire school to see which she prefers - but everything goes wrong. A humorous chapter book about being different and celebrating diversity.

  • Isadora Moon Puts on a Show

    Author: Harriet Muncaster
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Isadora Moon is unique: she has a vampire father and a fairy mother. So what kind of show will she put on at the annual vampire ball? This charming, funny chapter book celebrates individuality and explores issues like overcoming fears and wanting to fit in. 

  • Isla and the Happily Ever After

    Author: Stephanie Perkins
    Publisher: Usborne Publishing

    This delightful romance from bestselling US author Stephanie Perkins is set against the background of Paris, New York and Barcelona.


    Author: Christopher Edge
    Publisher: Pearson

    Luke Kitson is training with the ELITE, a crack team of teenage hackers recruited by MI5 and currently investigating YourLife, a new social networking site with vast ambitions. But disappearances begin – first members of the site, next MI5 agents and finally one of the ELITE hackers.

  • It MUST Have Been You!

    Author: Zanib Mian Illustrator: Fatima Mian
    Publisher: Sweet Apple Publishers

    A little girl gets into trouble again and again but gets love when she apologises. This is a lovely book celebrating the power of saying sorry, as well as one that recognises that children sometimes feel like they haven’t done anything wrong at all!

  • It Starts with a Seed

    Author: Laura Knowles Illustrator: Jennie Webber
    Publisher: Words & Pictures Press

    A seed becomes a sapling, then a young tree, until, after many years, it grows into a large tree with roots and branches filling the page.

  • It Was So Quiet I Could Hear A Pin Drop

    Author: Andy Goodman
    Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press

    As she sits on her tree swing, a girl hears a myriad of sounds, including a bee buzzing, someone singing, even a volcano exploding. This beautifully designed picture book with stylish illustrations takes the reader on a thought-provoking sound journey.

  • It’s a Book

    Author: Lane Smith
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

    Jackass, playing on his computer, wants to know what Monkey is up to. Monkey is reading a book

  • It’s A Little Baby

    Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Rebecca Cobb
    Publisher: MacMillan

    This is a really simple and fun book to read, encouraging interaction between the book and the child, and the reader and little one. And there’s a bonus: the words are also a song, which can be downloaded or found on the It’s A Little Baby website.

  • It’s a No-Money Day

    Author: Kate Milner
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    This moving picture book about a family’s visit to the food bank is a sensitive exploration of how it may feel to live below the poverty line. Perfect to share with young children to develop empathy and understanding (or to recognise their own situation).

  • It’s a Wrap

    Author: Perdita and Honor Cargill
    Publisher: Simon and Schuster

    Elektra James is back in the third installment of the Waiting for Callback series for more romance, school issues and insights from the acting world. This fun and funny series will give a bit of light relief to younger teens.

  • It’s My Pond

    Author: Claire Garralon Translator: from French by Sarah Ardizzone
    Publisher: Book Island

    This book is a beautiful and enjoyable read. It teaches children the importance of sharing rather than selfish hoarding, and the vibrant illustrations invite young readers to identify the different colours, as well as count the ducks.

  • It’s Not Fine to Sit on a Porcupine

    Author: Neal Zetter Illustrator: Rory Walker
    Publisher: Troika Books

    An amusingly illustrated collection of humorous poems from an award-winning performance poet, which covers a wide range of funny and interesting subjects.

  • It’s One Giant Leek for Mankind

    Author: Olaf Falafel
    Publisher: Unexporcupine Publishing

    Olaf Falafel’s rhyming books are hugely popular with kids of a certain age, and the fart jokes just keep coming. Lots of laughs set in space – what more could you ask for?

  • Itch - Element Hunter

    Author: Simon Mayo
    Publisher: Doubleday Children's Books

    Itchingham Lofte is different from other year 10 boys. Instead of football or computer games, his passion is chemistry, involving explosions, missing eyebrows, school poisonings and terrible smells.

  • Itch Scritch Scratch

    Author: Eleanor Updale Illustrator: Sarah Horne
    Publisher: Red Squirrel Books

    Head lice are the focus of this fun and engaging picture book. The dyslexia-friendly features make this book highly accessible.

  • It's About Love

    Author: Steven Camden
    Publisher: Harper Collins Children's Books

    This gripping and thought provoking story slowly unfolds to reveal credible characters and events.

  • It's Not Fairy!

    Author: Ros Asquith
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books

    Children beware: if you say 'it's not fair' one too many times, the It's Not Fairy might just come and gobble you up.

  • It's OK, I'm Wearing Really Big Knickers!

    Author: Louise Rennison
    Publisher: HarperCollins

    Georgia Nicholson's account of her life with her friends, her family, her eccentric cat Angus and her on-off relationship with 'sex god' Robbie is colourful and convincing.

  • It's Raining! It's Pouring! We're Exploring!

    Author: Polly Peters Illustrator: Jess Stockham
    Publisher: Child's Play

    Three children are stuck inside while it's raining. Luckily they have plenty of imaginative ideas to turn a potentially dull and dreary day into a series of exhilarating adventures.

  • It's Snow Day

    Author: Richard Curtis Illustrator: Rebecca Cobb
    Publisher: Puffin

    This must-read winter picture book is crammed with fabulously joyful and expressive illustrations and will be loved by young and old alike.

  • It's Time For Bed

    Author: Adele Geras
    Publisher: Piccadilly Press

    Mother Hare says it’s time for bed, but baby Hare doesn’t feel sleepy.

  • Ivan the Terrible

    Author: Anne Fine Illustrator: Philippe Dupasquier
    Publisher: Egmont

    When Russian Ivan arrives at Boris's school, Boris is assigned as his translator. But while Boris is a mild-mannered, peace-loving child, Ivan is quite the opposite.

  • Ivy and the Lonely Raincloud

    Author: Katie Harnett
    Publisher: Flying Eye Books

    When the scorching hot sun scares the rainclouds away, it leaves one lonely little cloud behind. A thoroughly heartwarming book, with picture-perfect illustrations, about loneliness and finding friendship in the most unexpected places.

  • Izzy Gizmo

    Author: Pip Jones Illustrator: Sara Ogilvie
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster

    Izzy Gizmo is a girl that loves inventing things: the Swirly Spagsonic, the Tea-Mendous and the Beardtastic, for instance. But unfortunately, something always goes wrong...  

  • Izzy Gizmo and the Invention Convention

    Author: Pip Jones Illustrator: Sara Ogilvie
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster

    Izzy Gizmo and her companion Fixer have been invited to compete for the Genius Guild Badge... but the other competitors have used up all the power! Another delightful story for little engineers.