Isadora Moon Goes to School

(2 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Isadora Moon is half fairy, half vampire. When she reaches school age, her mum wants her to attend fairy school, where lessons include wand waving, dancing and making flower garlands. Her dad favours vampire school, where bat training, flying in formation and grooming are on the curriculum.

Despite Isadora's best efforts at each school, nothing seems to go right, and she lurches from one disastrous lesson to another. Trudging home with a heavy heart, she feels like a misfit. If only she could find a school where diversity is celebrated and people are accepted for who they are.

This humorous chapter book, with attractive black-and-pink illustrations, deals sensitively with the difficulties that may be faced by anyone who feels different and struggles to fit in. Combining fairy magic with a feisty vampire twist, this is a great first volume in what promises to be an entertaining new series for independent young readers.

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