Illustrator in Residence: Ed Vere

Every six months, BookTrust appoints a new Writer or Illustrator in Residence to write blogs, run competitions and give us their own unique perspective on the world of children's books.

Ed Vere

Our current Illustrator in Residence is Ed Vere, who will use his time in the role to advocate for the power of pictures and visual literacy.

Ed is an award-winning picture book author and illustrator whose books include How to Be A Lion and Max the Brave among many others. 

During Ed's residency, he will share his thoughts on developing confidence and self-expression in children through drawing and will be inviting parents, artists and children to contribute to an online picture gallery. 

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Speaking about being appointed as BookTrust's Illustrator in Residence, Ed says:

'I'm thrilled to be working with BookTrust as their Illustrator in Residence. Whilst there, I want to draw attention to drawing. What happens when we draw and how does it make us think? Why do most of us stop loving it as we grow older and where did we lose our confidence with it. Were we taught to be too self-critical?
'I'd like to start a conversation about what drawing can bring to our lives, how we re-instil confidence in those who lost it and how we aren't using it in schools. As we realise how prevalent mental health issues are today, drawing can be a powerful means of self-expression. I want to get us all, adults and children, drawing again and to create a forum where we can share those drawings.
'I'd also like to give attention to 'Power of Pictures', a programme I co-created with CLPE which works to bring visual literacy into an educational environment, showing how we can use drawing to successfully help those who are equally bright but think less 'academically'. Please add your voice to the conversation. We'd love to hear from everyone, those who draw, those in education and those who use drawing to help others.'

Learn to draw with Ed Vere

Learn to draw Mr Big

Ed Vere has been busy during lockdown, creating weekly how-to-draw videos of all your favourite characters. Try drawing Mr Big above, or have a go at one of his other tutorials!

Click here for more of Ed's how-to-draw videos

Previous Writers in Residence

Previous writers to take up the post include Matt Haig, Laura Dockrill, Cressida Cowell, Chris Riddell and Patrick Ness – see what fun things they all got up to during their time in residence.

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Features from our Illustrator in Residence


Books by Ed Vere

How To Be A Lion

Author: Ed Vere

Leonard is a gentle lion: just because you’re a lion doesn’t mean that you have to roar. A book about ignoring the aggressive voices in our society and lending an ear to our quieter thoughts, this is a warm and reassuring story. 

Read more about How To Be A Lion

Grumpy Frog

Author: Ed Vere

Ed Vere’s adorable illustration and sense of humour tells a wonderful story about little Frog overcoming his own anger and trying to think about others. There are also sweet and funny touches that help make this a very special book.

Read more about Grumpy Frog

Max and Bird

Author: Ed Vere

Ed Vere's delightful stories are always full of pitch-perfect language that is always silly in just the right places. There is also a comfortable sense of warm friendship between Max and Bird, which young readers will return to again and again.

Read more about Max and Bird

Max at Night

Author: Ed Vere

It’s way past little Max’s bedtime and he’s so sleepy, but he wants to say goodnight to the moon! Will he ever find it? Ed Vere’s adorable Max features in a gentle bedtime book which will have little ones feeling very snoozy indeed by the end.

Read more about Max at Night

Max the Brave

Author: Ed Vere

Max the kitten is Brave - which is why he doesn't like being dressed up in ribbons. He sets out to find a mouse to chase, but he doesn't know what one looks like, and he doesn't know all the other creatures cats like to chase either!

Read more about Max the Brave

Bedtime for Monsters

Author: Ed Vere

Do you ever wonder if somewhere, not too far away, there might be monsters?

Read more about Bedtime for Monsters

Mr Big

Author: Ed Vere

With its gruff hero, vibrant, strong colours, bold design and spare text, this story about looking beyond appearances has a satisfying punchy simplicity and jazzy feel.

Read more about Mr Big


Author: Ed Vere Illustrator: Ed Vere

Follow the cartoon-style adventures of two monkeys. One of them has a banana and the other one wants it - but what is the magic word?

Read more about Banana!

The Getaway

Author: Ed Vere

Notorious cheese thief Fingers McGraw is on the run (or rather, on the moped) from chief law enforcer The Elephant.

Read more about The Getaway

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