Never Show a T-Rex a Book

Publisher: Puffin

While sitting on her bed reading to her toy dinosaur, a young girl wonders what would happen if she showed her book to a real T-Rex. The dinosaur may try to wear the book as a hat, or eat it thinking it’s a biscuit. The girl would have to teach her how to read, which would inevitably lead to the dinosaur demanding more books, but could such a large creature be smuggled into the library unnoticed? Then she would have to hide the dinosaur, along with a mountain of borrowed books, into her bedroom without her parents finding out. The hilarity continues as the girl works through potential consequences, such as the T-Rex attending school, getting a job and even becoming Prime Minister.

This entertaining tale celebrates the joy of reading and demonstrates how books can fuel the imagination. Each page bursts with lively, vibrant illustrations, which contain plenty of humorous detail. Featuring a BAME protagonist and a female dinosaur, this inclusive picture book will appeal to a diverse audience.

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