Yes You Can, Cow!

Publisher: Faber

Rehearsals are under way for the big production of Hey Diddle Diddle, but Cow is not ready for the spotlight. In fact, she’s absolutely terrified – she doesn’t think she’ll be able to nail the grand finale and jump over Moon.

The narrator – the show’s director – tries everything possible to encourage poor cow including some tough love and lots of positive affirmations.

Eventually Cow agrees to give it a go. She starts off small, jumping over Dish and then Cat. That goes pretty well. But when it’s time to jump over Moon, it’s a disaster. Ouch. Devastated, she packs her bags, showbusiness just isn’t for her. Will the director and her cast friends be able to convince Cow to give it another go, or is it curtains for Hey Diddle Diddle?

Yes You Can, Cow! is a delicious new take on the well-known and much-loved nursery rhyme, Hey Diddle Diddle. Rashmi Sirdeshpande has cleverly inserted the characters in a new theatre setting and then turns the reader into the narrator/director. Rikin Parekh’s witty illustrations complement the funny dialogue by hilariously capturing expressions of frustration, irritation, fear and relief.

Not just a hilarious read-aloud, this picture book comes with a special message for little ones – the importance of peer encouragement, bravery and not fearing failure.

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