Books beginning with: Y

  • Yawn

    Author: Sally Symes Illustrator: Nick Sharratt
    Publisher: Walker Books

    This yawn is contagious. It starts with Sean and then is passed from animal to animal, until they all snuggle up to sleep. An ideal bedtime book, it’s impossible to read without yawning yourself!

  • Yes

    Author: Jez Alborough
    Publisher: Walker Books

    When it's bath time for Bobo, the little chimp shouts a delighted 'YES'. But after much fun splashing with mum, when she announces it's time for bed, 'NO' comes the answer.

  • Yes No

    Author: Jan Pieńkowski; lettering by Caroline Austin
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Yes/no, light/heavy, in/out, alive/dead: Jan Pieńkowski explores all manner of opposites in this bright and original book for toddlers, full of his trademark bright, thick-outlined illustration.

  • Yeti and the Bird

    Author: Nadia Shireen
    Publisher: Jonathan Cape

    Yeti is all alone in the forest: he is so big and scary that all the animals leave him alone. Then one day a funny little orange bird turns up

  • Yo Ho Ho! A-Pirating We'll Go

    Author: Kaye Umansky Illustrator: Nick Sharratt
    Publisher: Puffin

    Nick Sharratt's bold, colourful, funny illustrations filled with detail and movement bring added life to this collection of pirate-related short poems.

  • Yoga Babies

    Author: Fearne Cotton Illustrator: Sheena Dempsey
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    For those that are new to yoga, TV celebrity Fearne Cotton’s charming picture book about the benefits of easy stretching for little ones might be just the inspiration needed for the start of a new family yoga practice, or just a cute story about everyday life.

  • Yokki and the Parno Gry

    Author: Richard O’Neill and Katharine Quarmby Illustrator: Marieke Nelissen
    Publisher: Child’s Play

    Yokki and his family are travellers. After a particularly poor harvest, Yokki raises people's spirits with his uplifting stories of a brighter future. This traditional Romani tale, with colourful illustrations, is full of hope and imagination.

  • You Ain't Seen Nothing Yeti!

    Author: Steven Butler Illustrator: Steven Lenton
    Publisher: Simon and Schuster

    Fairies, leprechauns, ghosts and others are arriving full of cheer at a magical hotel to celebrate Trogmanay, a summer festival where humans are not welcome. The second book of this series is full of laughs and fast-paced pandemonium.

  • You and Me

    Author: Rachel Fuller
    Publisher: Child's Play

    Explore and talk about what will change when a new baby arrives

  • You Are Awesome

    Author: Matthew Syed Illustrator: Toby Triumph
    Publisher: Wren & Rook

    An accessible, funny self-help manual for pre-teens and teenagers, based on Carol Dweck’s growth mindset theory: how to train your mind and take a more positive, proactive attitude to life. 

  • You Can’t Eat a Princess

    Author: Gillian Rogerson Illustrator: Sarah McIntyre
    Publisher: Scholastic

    Fans of chocolate and space will adore this princess book with a twist, whose protagonist is very definitely at the centre of all the delicious action.

  • You Can’t Scare a Princess

    Author: Gillian Rogerson Illustrator: Sarah McIntyre
    Publisher: Scholastic

    Princess Spaghetti is trying to teach her dad, the King, to rollerskate, when pirates sail into the Royal Moat. The second book in the series features the clever and brave princess outsmarting the adults yet again.

  • You Can't Make Me Go To Witch School

    Author: Em Lynas Illustrator: Jamie Littler
    Publisher: Nosy Crow

    Dairy Wart must escape Toadspit Towers to perform her Bottom. But will Toadspit Towers let her go? A hilarious, magical story about making new friends and finding out who you really are.

  • You Can't Take an Elephant on the Bus

    Author: Patricia Cleveland-Peck Illustrator: David Tazzyman
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    This wonderful picture book is filled with funny rhymes matched with irresistible illustrations.

  • You Choose In Space

    Author: Pippa Goodhart Illustrator: Nick Sharratt
    Publisher: Puffin

    You choose how this story unfolds, so a new adventure can be enjoyed each time of reading. A spectacular book to stimulate creative storytelling and language development, full of vibrant illustration. Not to be missed!

  • You Choose!

    Author: Pippa Goodhart and Nick Sharratt
    Publisher: Picture Corgi

    Create your own story with this brilliant interactive book full of detailed, colourful illustrations.

  • You Don't Know Me

    Author: Sophia Bennett
    Publisher: Chicken House

    What happens if you betray your best friend in the finals of a TV talent show in front of millions of viewers?

  • You Killed Me!

    Author: Keith Gray
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke Ltd

    Toby wakes in the middle of the night and there's a ghost at the end of his bed. It's the ghost of a man with a hole in his head - a ghost claiming that Toby killed him.

  • You Know Me Well

    Author: Nina LaCour & David Levithan
    Publisher: Macmillan

    Mark and Kate have never spoken outside class - and little do they know how important they will become to each other. As well as being a wonderful book for LGBT representation, this honestly and hilariously celebrates first love and friendship.

  • You’re Not Here

    Author: Tariq Mehmood
    Publisher: Daraja Press

    17-year-old Jake Marlesden's soldier brother has been killed while out in action in Afghanistan, and Jake is in love with Leila Khan, an Afghan girl. In Jake's English home town, tensions are rising between those who oppose the war in Afghanistan, and those who consider Muslims as traitors.

  • You’re Not Proper

    Author: Tariq Mehmood
    Publisher: HopeRoad Publishing

    A revealing and realistic portrait of the struggle many multi-cultured teenagers face today.

  • You’re Snug with Me

    Author: Chitra Soundar Illustrator: Poonam Mistry
    Publisher: Lantana Publishing

    Mama Polar Bear tells her cubs about what lies outside their den, and reassures them not to worry or be frightened: ‘hush now, you’re snug with me.’ Lyrical, thought-provoking and stylishly illustrated,with a subtle environmental message.

  • You’ve Been Werewolfed

    Author: Tom McLaughlin
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Tyler can’t wait for the summer holidays to start, until she discovers she's been enrolled by her dad at Happyville Summer Camp. Even more alarming is when, through a madcap series of events, she starts to morph into a werewolf. Hilarious stuff.

  • Young Heroes: Inspirational Children from Around the World

    Author: Lula Bridgeport Illustrator: Federica Frenna / Isabel Munoz / Julianna Swaney
    Publisher: Stripes

    This collection of remarkable young people’s achievements is truly inspirational. With a gentle guide to being a hero yourself at the back of the book, and a look back at great children of the past, these amazing young people give us all hope for the future.

  • Young Houdini: The Magician's Fire

    Author: Simon Nicholson
    Publisher: OUP

    Harry is a shoeshine boy in 19th century New York. He will grow up to be Houdini, the world famous magician.

  • Young Knights of the Round Table

    Author: Julia Golding
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Together with plenty of humour, mystery, twists and turns, Young Knights of the Round Table is a fast-paced time-travelling fantasy.

  • Young Merlin

    Author: Tony Bradman
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    Merlin has always felt different from the other boys, because of his dreadful nightmares full of fighting and death.

  • Young Samurai The Way of the Warrior

    Author: Chris Bradford
    Publisher: Puffin

    This engaging historical adventure story will immerse young readers in the traditions and culture of Ancient Japan, including its complex codes of loyalty and honour.

  • Young Sherlock Holmes: Black Ice

    Author: Andrew Lane
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

    An exciting, fast-paced adventure, which paints a vivid picture of mid-nineteenth century Britain and Russia

  • Young Sherlock Holmes: Death Cloud

    Author: Andrew Lane
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

    14-year-old Sherlock is at boarding school, and like most of his fellow pupils, is looking forward to returning home for the summer holidays. He is dismayed then to find out that instead of going back to his parents in London he will have to stay with his strange uncle and aunt in their huge house in Hampshire.

  • Young Sherlock Holmes: Snake Bite

    Author: Andrew Lane
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

    In the fifth installment of this popular series, the young Sherlock Holmes embarks on a sea voyage to China and finds himself solving a mystery in Shanghai.

  • Young Werewolf

    Author: Cornelia Funke Illustrator: David Roberts
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    Young Werewolf is a well-pitched horror story just scary enough for younger readers - a great narrative with well-drawn characters both of children and grown-ups and a rich study of friendship.

  • Young, Gifted and Black: Meet 52 Black Heroes from Past and Present

    Author: Jamia Wilson Illustrator: Andrea Pippins
    Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions

    This beautiful and eye-catching hardback celebrates a selection of black icons from history and the present day to inspire all children to discover what they can achieve. 

  • Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada

    Author: Jimmy Fallon Illustrator: Miguel Ordonez
    Publisher: Hodder Children’s

    One for competitive dads everywhere, this picture book is all about animal dads trying to make sure their offspring's first word is 'dada'. It will certainly get young children giggling and turning the pages.

  • You're a Bad Man, Mr Gum!

    Author: Andy Stanton Illustrator: David Tazzyman
    Publisher: Egmont

    Mr Gum is an extremely nasty man who hates everyone and lives in a disgusting tip of a house.

  • You're a Rude Pig, Bertie!

    Author: Claudia Boldt
    Publisher: Jonathan Cape

    Bertie is a rude pig. He insults all the other animals, whilst all the time thinking what a magnificent and beautiful piglet he is. Then he meets cute rabbit Ruby.

  • You're Safe With Me

    Author: Chitra Soundar Illustrator: Poonam Mistry
    Publisher: Lantana Publishing

    This simple story will comfort little ones and its soothing text will lull them to sleep. Accompanied with incredibly stunning and intricate illustrations, this picture book would make a great addition to the bedtime routine.

  • Yours Sincerely, Giraffe

    Author: Megumi Iwasa Illustrator: Jun Takabatake Translator: Cathy Hirano
    Publisher: Gecko Press

    Giraffe, who lives on the African savanna, is bored and lonely so decides to send a letter to an unknown animal on the other side of the horizon. The letter ends up with an inquisitive penguin who is studying at Whale Point School, almost completely surrounded by sea.

  • Yucky Worms

    Author: Viv French Illustrator: Jessica Ahlberg
    Publisher: Walker Books

    It's fun helping Gran in the garden, but her grandson is horrified by a worm: 'Yuck!... Throw it away.'