You're a Rude Pig, Bertie!

Publisher: Jonathan Cape

Bertie is a rude pig. He insults all the other animals, whilst all the time thinking what a magnificent and beautiful piglet he is. It's no wonder that none of them want to be friends with him. Then one day, at the cheese stall at the market, he meets Ruby - the cutest rabbit he has ever seen - and longs to impress her. He decides to throw a party and goes to lots of effort preparing and making delicious things to eat. But on the day of the party, no of the other animals turn up - they are all too disgusted with Bertie's rude behaviour. Bertie's feelings are hurt, but surprisingly it's his very own toothbrush that offers him a few home truths and sets him on the path to making friends.

Former Booktrust Best New Illustrator Claudia Boldt is at her quirkiest in this idiosyncratic story about friendship and being kind to those around us. Her distinctive illustrations, in a palette of ice-cream pastels, are crammed with life, colour, gentle humour and zany fun. Children will love the different animal characters with their sweet and funny expressions, and will enjoy watching Bertie's transformation from a rude, self-centred pig to a kind-hearted and generous soul who sticks up for his friends. Each lovely spread is beautifully and thoughtfully designed, making this picture book a real work of art.

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