You Grow Girl!

Publisher: Wren and Rook

Dr Zoe Williams is a GP and she explains the changes girls’ bodies go through in a clear, easy-to-understand way. But this book doesn’t only focus on the physical – there are also sections on mental health awareness, managing friendships and crushes, and navigating the online world. All of which are just as important as eating healthily, exercising and learning about what is normal for your body. Dr Williams has a warm, friendly tone, and the information is pitched at an age-appropriate level so that the reader feels informed and positive about what they’re going through.

The vibrant illustrations by Luna Valentine are in various tones of bright pink, and feature a wide range of girls, including different skin colours, disabilities and body size and shape. They echo the message in the text that all bodies are different and that is normal. The detail in the diagrams of the body is spot on – enough to be clear, but not so that it feels like a textbook.

Overall, this is an excellent, all-encompassing guide to puberty that covers a lot of what girls are worried about, or might have questions about.

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