We Need to Talk About Vaginas

Publisher: Neon Squid

This comprehensive guide to understanding your body is written by a doctor – an American gynaecologist – in an accessible, practical manner. It is full of useful information, as well as some interesting extra nuggets, such as an ancient Hawaiian myth about the goddess Kapo whose vagina could be detached and fly away! The helpful illustrations and diagrams show exactly what is being discussed, and the matter-of-fact text, using the proper names for each body part, ensures there is no confusion. For instance, it is pointed out that some people now use the word ‘vagina’ to mean the vulva, but that is wrong.

The author is clear that everyone’s parts look and feel slightly different, and that that is perfectly normal. The bright, friendly illustrations include a variety of skin colours, and the text covers all experiences of, for instance, period blood, so that everyone feels included.

All the crucial topics are covered, including periods, sex, pregnancy, pubic hair, puberty, consent, contraception and sexting, with regular reminders to talk to a trusted adult if you’re worried about anything. This would be a great book to have in an upper primary classroom, or to use at home.

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