Love Your Body

Publisher: Frances Lincoln

Bodies are amazing things, and we all have one, no matter what that body might look like. Every body is a good body in its own way.

Going through puberty will change your body, make it bigger and take up more space in the world. And that’s okay too. Learning to appreciate your body for what it can do – pick up a little brother for a cuddle, eyes that can read a book and hands that can help you create beautiful things – is very important.

Written specifically for girls and those who identify as a girl, this reassuring, inclusive book nonetheless has a universal message for all about self-acceptance and body positivity. There is lots of help and advice here for ways to accept and love our bodies, in a world that can be very looks-obsessed, especially for young girls.

Ultimately, Sanders’ message is that building a loving bond with oneself is the most important relationship we will ever have – and, when we can be kind to ourselves, we can also be kind to others who are also learning to love their bodies. Rossetti's illustrations throughout are brilliantly diverse, featuring girls with stretch marks, body hair, foreshortened limbs, wheelchairs and a spectrum of sizes and races.

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