My Period: Find your flow and feel proud of your period!

Publisher: Wren & Rook

Explaining what puberty is, how your period works, the period products there are on the market, how to chart and understand your menstrual cycle, and much more, this friendly and down to earth book is a real must for anyone who might just have started their period, or be around that pre-teen or early teen age where it’s likely to happen.

Milli Hill makes several good points about moving past old preconceptions about womens’ bodies and menstruation – for instance, that it shouldn’t be talked about, or that period products shouldn’t be noticeable – and this fosters a much more positive and open discussion.

As well as that, Hill features profiles of a number of young people who are making a difference in the world when it comes to women’s health and period positivity, such as Chella Quint, the founder of #periodpositive, and Ella Daish, a campaigner who has lobbied supermarkets and manufacturers to #endperiodplastic.

In this way, Hill teaches girls that their bodies are not only important and to be nurtured as individuals, but that issues connected to womens’ bodies still require activism and collective awareness.

Overall, this is a positive, practical and empowering book, which is full of useful information and plenty of reassurance. As well as being a super useful guide for those who are about to start or who have recently started menstruating, it would also be a very informative book for parents and siblings.

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