Yeti and the Bird

Publisher: Jonathan Cape

Yeti is all alone in the forest: he is so big and scary that all the animals leave him alone. Then one day a funny little orange bird turns up. He doesn't seem scared of the yeti at all, and soon the two become firm friends, playing, laughing and singing songs together. But as the weather gets colder, Yeti knows that the bird will soon have to leave, and helps her make ready for the journey ahead. When she has gone, Yeti is lonelier than ever – but before long some new friends appear to help cheer him up.

This lovely picture book about friendship is full of character and humour. Award-winning picture book creator Nadia Shireen combines beautifully-designed page spreads, glorious illustrations of forest scenes, and lots of appealing animal characters. The lonely Yeti is an especially brilliant character, and one which is certain to capture children's hearts.

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