Good Little Wolf

Publisher: Jonathan Cape Children's Books

Rolf is a good little wolf - he likes baking cakes, eating all his vegetables, and is always nice to his friends. Then one day he bumps in to a big bad wolf who shows him how a REAL wolf should behave.

Real wolves howl at the moon, blow houses in and eat people up. Rolf attempts to behave like a bad little wolf but he’s just too small and weak to blow the three little pigs house down and his howl at the moon is more of a ‘pheep!’.

But when the big bad wolf tries to eat his best friend Mrs Boggins, Rolf grows into a big bad wolf to rescue her – he is a proper wolf after all, he just happens to be a big good wolf.

The simple, expressive pastel illustrations and witty text work beautifully together to create a delightful inversion of this classic tale, from debut writer/illustrator Nadia Shireen.

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