Hey Presto!

Publisher: Jonathan Cape

Presto the Cat and Monty the Dog may live in an alleyway and eat out of rubbish bins, but at least they always have plenty of fun together - Monty is good at eating ice-cream and pulling silly faces, and Presto has a special talent for performing magic tricks.

When the carnival comes to town, Monty has the brilliant idea of putting on a magic show together that will make the friends rich and famous. Sure enough, the show is a great success, but although Presto makes all the tricks work, its Monty who hogs the limelight. Soon, his new-found fame begins to go to his head, whilst Presto is left to run his errands and bring his chocolate ice-cream with extra sprinkles. What will happen to their friendship now?

Nadia Shireen's lively picture book is sure to bring a smile to children's faces. With delightful illustrations and something of the same quirky humour that characterised her acclaimed Good Little Wolf, this is a fun and engaging story about friendships and working together.

Children will love exploring all the colourful spreads of the carnival, featuring all kinds of unexpected circus animals from Alice the Bearded Duck to Nancy the Amazing Fire-Eating Lizard, not to mention a snoozing ice-cream seller and a bison selling balloons. 

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