You Can’t Scare a Princess

Publisher: Scholastic

Princess Spaghetti is trying to teach her dad, the King, to rollerskate, when pirates sail into the Royal Moat.

Unfortunately, King Cupcake skates straight into the pirates’ hands and is taken prisoner. It’s up to Princess Spaghetti to help the pirates find their hidden treasure by deciphering their map, which, it turns out, they’ve been holding upside down.

The pirates are a bit sulky when they discover their treasure has been stolen by a certain Captain Nastybeard, but Princess Spaghetti offers them a deal: release King Cupcake, and she’ll teach them to rollerskate, which is way more fun, anyway.

The second book in the Princess Spaghetti series features the clever and brave princess outsmarting the adults yet again. Sarah McIntyre’s recognisable and delightful illustration is a perfect match for the slightly anarchic story, making this a thoroughly enjoyable story for adventurous girls and boys.

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