You're Strong With Me

Publisher: Lantana Publishing

The world is overwhelming for Baby Giraffe, but Mama Giraffe is always there to remind her that 'You're strong, with me.' This reassuring story tells children that parental support will be there for as long as it is needed.

The original and intricate illustrations are inspired by traditional painting and embroidery methods used in India. A focus on pattern and an abstract approach combine to give the impression that the book itself is part of the animal world, where senses are sharper and details, from stars in the sky to the patterns on a leaf, are more vivid.

The restrained, earthy colour palette emphasises patterns which are almost microscopically detailed, at times creating an impression of natural camouflage. Overall, the illustrations really encourage children to imagine what it would be like to perceive the world through the eyes of an animal.

Readers will learn a good deal about the giraffes' habitat as well as about family and community, since all the animals that form part of a giraffe's ecosystem are represented as working together in partnership to help and support each other.

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