Yokki and the Parno Gry

Publisher: Child’s Play

Yokki and his family are travellers, moving with the seasons to find work and sell their wares. After a particularly poor harvest, work is scarce and nobody has the money to buy their traditional crafts.

Yokki is a gifted storyteller and shares inspiring tales of a brighter future with his community. He speaks of a Parno Gry: a magnificent white horse who flies through the sky in search of more fruitful lands. His uplifting stories raise the spirits of his friends and family, helping them to forget their hunger and anxiety. Grandfather Elijah is angered by Yokki's frivolous tales, until he is gently reminded that in times of despair, dreams of a better future are even more important.

This traditional Romani tale gives an insight into the history and culture of a minority group that is often misunderstood. With colourful illustrations, this is an optimistic story of hope and imagination.

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