You Ain't Seen Nothing Yeti!

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Fairies, leprechauns, ghosts and others are arriving full of cheer at a magical hotel to celebrate Trogmanay, a summer festival where humans are not welcome. Frankie and his family are surprised but happy when their yeti friends turn up unexpectedly from the Himalayas, bringing chilly climes with them. Maudlin Maloney is furious at having her sunny holiday ruined and hurls hexes in anger, cursing guests with itchy bottoms and short arms.

Matters worsen as guests are nearly eaten alive at the Trogmanay feast and plants around the hotel begin to wither and die. Frankie and Grinzi, the youngest yeti, notice two suspicious guests, a mute gnomad and a magpie. Frankie watches them closely and when they prophesise the end of the hotel, his friends and family pull together to figure out who is behind the mischief. There’s no way this hotel is going down without a fight.

The second book of this series is full of laughs (exploding ghosts!) and illustrations that capture the charm of the characters. Children will love the fast-paced pandemonium and mysteries, and the "oh no!" moments will leave them guessing until the very end. Readers will have their imaginations stretched and their vocabularies challenged in this great read.

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