Publisher: Walker Books

When it's bath time for Bobo, the little chimp shouts a delighted 'YES'. But after much fun splashing with mum, when she announces it's time for bed, 'NO' comes the answer, with implacable determination – and a big sulk!

Along come some friends to cheer Bobo up and do lots more splashing. Finally, the tiny chimp gives an ear-splitting yawn and is carried home, exhausted, to his mum and his bed – 'SHHHHH. YES!'

The everyday small drama of going to bed is presented here with gentle, ironic humour and a cast of wonderfully expressive animals. Using only seven words, and an open, vividly coloured comic-style layout, Alborough has created a deceptively simple but very satisfying circular story – and Bobo is a very cute chimp!

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