Yesterday Crumb and the Storm in a Teacup

Publisher: Orion

For as long as she can remember, Yesterday Crumb has lived in a cage; gawped at because of her strange fox ears. Until the day a peculiar bird melts the bars and takes her off to the land of faerie.

On the way to Miss Dumpling’s walking teashop, where she is to be an apprentice, Yesterday is waylaid by an odd gentleman, Mr Weep, who places a splinter of ice in her heart. A splinter that will eventually kill her.

Miss Dumpling convinces her that there is nothing that can’t be solved with a pot of tea, a slice of cake and a very dear friend. But can salvation really be that simple?

In this enchanting, magical adventure, Yesterday gradually discovers that what she thought she hated most about herself is the very thing that makes her special. It’s at the heart of who she really is and, in the faerie world, being different is what makes you fit in. 

Although Mr Weep is a nasty piece of work, he’s not too terrifying and Yesterday’s story is ideal for readers who enjoy a cracking adventure with a plot that’s not too scary.

Expect weird and wonderful characters and spells galore.

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