The Cloud Horse Chronicles: Guardians of Magic

Publisher: Macmillan

Without the magic of the Forever Tree, the cloud horses that the children have wished on, for as long as anyone can remember, would not be able to fly. And without the flying horses, the power of the Forever Tree would be no more.

Not everyone thinks that this is a bad thing. In fact, there are forces afoot that want to hijack the ancient magic and use it for their own dark purposes.

Can three ordinary children, who have extraordinary gifts, defeat the King Rat, the Clockmaker and the Professional Princesses and, in so doing, protect the Forever Tree from their corruption and evil plans?

Opening this book is like stepping through a gateway to another world, one where lots of things seem vaguely familiar but nothing is quite what you expect. While being reminiscent of any number of folk tales, fairy tales and fantasy epics, this first instalment of a new fantasy series is fresh, exciting and unpredictable.

Packed with beautifully intricate illustrations full of character and passion, it’s an absorbing, original and supremely entertaining read.

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