Tunnel of Bones

Publisher: Scholastic


On a trip to Paris to film her parents' 'most-haunted' TV show, Cass is expecting a few days of interesting landmarks and some really nice food. What she doesn't anticipate is accidentally releasing a malicious spirit that threatens death and destruction for the whole city.

In the darkness of the Catacombs, where the bones of hundreds of thousands of long-dead inhabitants are interred, Cass's skills as a ghosthunter are tested to the limit as she tries to solve the mystery of the vengeful spirit and release it to the afterlife.

With some truly tense moments, convincing world-building and a personable ghostly assistant, this is one for fans of the supernatural who enjoy being just a little bit terrified. Cass's first spine-tingling adventure was in City of Ghosts but readers unfamiliar with her previous exploits can still enjoy Tunnel of Bones as a stand-alone story.

Not recommended for those who suffer from claustrophobia or who are afraid of the dark!

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