You’re Not Proper

Publisher: HopeRoad Publishing

Karen, Kiran, Karey - Kiran’s name is just one of things she’s feeling conflicted over. With a white Christian mother and a father from Pakistan who has relaxed from his Muslim practices, life at home isn’t giving her any clues about where she should fit in. None of the cliques in school will have her, she’s not ‘proper’ enough for any of them. Shamshad has always worn a hijab to school and she’s the first to take offence when Kiran decides to try out her Islamic identity, but when her other friends welcome Kiran’s conversion, Shamshad cannot keep quiet.

A revealing and realistic portrait of the struggle many multi-cultured teenagers face today. The dialogue is fast and furious, with chapters alternating between Kiran and Shamshad’s voices. Each feels like they can’t understand the other, but their stories will bring them closer than they ever expected. This bold and brisk novel includes lots of issues, and manages to spring a surprising twist in its tale. Filled with brightly drawn characters and fast-paced banter, this is a real insight into lives that are often seen but not heard.

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