You Are History

Publisher: Walker Books

In this hilarious, non-fiction book from writer-historian Greg Jenner, history is made both fun and relevant. History isn’t only found in fancy museums, nor does it have to be about ancient royalty, historical figures, or inventors. History is also about you and me, and the very things we see and use every day!

Each double page deals with a different everyday object and is loosely structured in order of when they might be encountered in a normal day. Beginning with the alarm clock, continuing into the daytime, and ending with bed, we learn of the fascinating stories behind all manner of mundane things – including soap, cereal, the light bulb, ball games, telephone, sofa, pyjamas and many more. There are fifty objects in total and each one is explored through a combination of jaw-dropping facts, eye-watering jokes, and exciting real-life stories from across the world and centuries.

Some children can find history off-putting because it seems too serious, too boring or too removed from their everyday reality. For the history-avoidant, this book does a brilliant job of making history less serious, less boring, and very applicable to everyday life. The vibrant and expressive illustrations really add to the humour and the text is clear, enthusiastic, and conversational. We absolutely love how this book puts young readers at the heart of history as a way of keeping them engaged and entertained.

Dydy hanes ddim i’w gael mewn amgueddfeydd ffansi yn unig, ac nid yw’n gorfod bod am deuluoedd brenhinol hynafol, dyfeiswyr neu ffigyrau hanesyddol. Mae hanes amdanon ni, a’r holl bethau hynny rydyn ni’n eu gweld a’u defnyddio bob dydd!

Mae Jenner yn adrodd y straeon difyr sydd y tu ôl i bob math o bethau dinod – gan gynnwys sebon, grawnfwyd, bwlb golau, gemau pêl, ffonau, soffas a phyjamas, wedi’u harchwilio gyda chyfuniad o ffeithiau anhygoel, jôcs sy’n tynnu dŵr i’r llygaid a straeon bywyd go iawn o ledled y byd ac ar draws y canrifoedd.

Llyfr sy’n gosod darllenwyr ifanc yng nghanol hanes fel ffordd o gadw’u diddordeb a’u difyrru.


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