Stolen History

Publisher: Puffin

What do tea, cotton, sugar and tobacco have in common with zombies, curry, dungarees and bungalows? They all came to Britain as a direct result of the British Empire. (Actual zombies didn’t come here, just the word ‘zombie’ – in case you were wondering).

If you thought an empire was something to do with the Romans and Star Wars you’d be right but the British once had an empire that was the biggest and most powerful in the world. Perhaps you knew that already but how much do you know?

Considering the huge impact the British Empire had on the country we live in today, most people, children and adults alike, know relatively little about what it was, where it was and what its long-term effects have been on the world around us.

Stolen History is a starting point for important conversations about right and wrong, ethics, different interpretations of history and how, or if, countries that once ruled others should make amends.

Is it OK to visit stately homes that were built with the profits from the Slave Trade? Should museums give back artefacts that were stolen from other countries? Read this book and make up your own mind.

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