Yours Sincerely, Giraffe

Publisher: Gecko Press

Out on the African savannah, Pelican is setting up a new business: Pelican Post. Giraffe, who is feeling a bit bored and alone, decides to write a letter, and asks Pelican to deliver it to the first animal he meets on the other side of the horizon.

Pelican flies a long, long way and eventually the letter reaches an inquisitive young penguin who’s studying at Whale Point School, far out in the ocean. Being naturally curious, Penguin replies to Giraffe's letter, and so the two become penpals, letters flying between them, talking about their different lives. Each of them is very intrigued by the other – Penguin has never met a Giraffe, and Giraffe has never met a Penguin – and they humourously try to imagine what the other creature might look like and be like.

This simple storybook is perfect for newly independent readers. Celebrating the art of letter writing, it’s by turns touching, funny and thought-provoking. Witty pen and ink illustrations accentuate the humour and highlight the difficulty of trying to picture people, things and environments you have never actually seen, while its accompanying message about making friends makes it a really feel-good and heart-warming read.

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