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Pori Drwy Stori spring term booklist

Insect Emporium

Some of our favourite new books for the summer term...

  • Little People, Big Dreams: Maya Angelou

    Author: Lisbeth Kaiser Illustrator: Leire Salaberria
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    This inspiring biography for young readers focusses on writer, speaker and civil rights activist Maya Angelou.

  • Yours Sincerely, Giraffe

    Author: Megumi Iwasa Illustrator: Jun Takabatake Translator: Cathy Hirano
    Publisher: Gecko Press

    Giraffe, who lives on the African savanna, is bored and lonely so decides to send a letter to an unknown animal on the other side of the horizon. The letter ends up with an inquisitive penguin who is studying at Whale Point School, almost completely surrounded by sea.

  • King Baby

    Author: Kate Beaton
    Publisher: Walker Books

    King Baby bestows 'smiles and laughs and kisses' on everyone, for King Baby is generous. But he also has many demands: he must be fed. And changed! And burped! King Baby will have you in stitches. Buy it for every new parent you know.

  • Hello, Mr Dodo!

    Author: Nicholas John Frith
    Publisher: Alison Green Books

    Martha loves birds, but she can't believe her eyes when she discovers the rarest bird of them all in the woods behind her house. It's a real life Dodo! Retro illustration and technicolour splashes make this picture book a beautiful thing to behold.

  • By the Light of the Moon

    Author: Tom Percival
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    A reassuringly simple yet enchanting story, brought to life with appealing illustrations, to allay children's worries about moving house and creating a home.

  • Insect Emporium

    Author: Susie Brooks Illustrator: Dawn Cooper
    Publisher: Red Shed

    This stunning non-fiction picture book is a fabulous exploration of the insect world for young children. As well as looking at familiar creatures, such as bees, ladybirds and ants, it also features other more unusual specimens, including fireflies, stick insects and some spectacular mantises.

  • Spinderella

    Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Sebastien Braun
    Publisher: Egmont

    Spinderella is a spider who lives with her spider mum and brothers and sisters on top of a ceiling light at a school. A story about numbers, football and family, Spinderella is an enjoyable read for young children just starting to learn maths.

  • There’s a Snake in my School!

    Author: David Walliams Illustrator: Tony Ross
    Publisher: HarperCollins

    It's bring-your-pet-to-school-day and Miranda has brought her pet python, who is brilliant fun and entertains the children by turning herself into a climbing frame, a fireman's pole and the numbers one to nine. Riotous and with just enough yuckiness.

  • Don’t Cross the Line

    Author: Isabel Minhos Martins and Bernardo P. Carvalho
    Publisher: Gecko Press

    Little anarchists will love Don't Cross the Line, with its message that authority figures aren't always right. This colourful book is likely to make the whole family chortle.

  • The Invincible Tony Spears

    Author: Neal Layton
    Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

    After Tony moves house, the kitchen in his new place turns into a spaceship called The Invincible. Amid all the zaniness, there's an important message tucked in here about just trying your best.

  • Mira Forecasts the Future

    Author: Kell Andrews Illustrator: Lissy Marlin
    Publisher: Sterling

    A deceptively simple picture book about understanding the weather that also explores ideas about success, failure and discovering individual talents.

  • Return

    Author: Aaron Becker
    Publisher: Walker Books

    A lonely little girl can't distract her hardworking dad, so she takes her amazing red pen and draws herself into an adventure. This imaginative, fantastical escapade is wordless, but overflows with creativity.

  • Ada Twist, Scientist

    Author: Andrea Beaty Illustrator: David Roberts
    Publisher: Abrams

    A brilliant and beautiful rhyming book about supporting your child's curiosity, and taking inspiration from Ada Lovelace (the pioneer mathematician and programmer), this is an inspirational and entertaining read.

  • A Day With Dogs

    Author: Dorothee de Monfreid
    Publisher: Gecko Press

    What do dogs do all day? A fantastically fun naming and classification-style book, A Day With Dogs will appeal to little ones that like to list and name different types of things - be it dogs, trains or elements of nature.

  • Ludwig the Space Dog

    Author: Henning Löhlein
    Publisher: Templar

    Perfect for young explorers, this endearing story features an adventurous dog who decides to visit the universe beyond the flat pages of his home - and 3D goggles will give the reader an even sharper focus on Ludwig's wonderful world.

  • The Star Tree

    Author: Catherine Hyde
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    It is midnight at midsummer, and little Mia is awake. When the Great White Owl comes to the window and sings to her, it is the start of many magical journeys. A beautifully atmospheric book and a perfect bedtime read.

  • Odd Dog Out

    Author: Rob Biddulph
    Publisher: HarperCollins

    All the dogs at the beginning of this book look and act the same, but one is behaving differently. When they fly high, this dog flies low. When they say kick, this dog says throw!