Hello, Mr Dodo!

Publisher: Alison Green Books

Martha loves birds, but she can't believe her eyes when she discovers the rarest bird of them all in the woods behind her house. It's a real life Dodo!

When the word gets out, Martha has to come up with a plan to turn attention away from her special friend. The dodo is safe - and the next time she sees him, he's got a secret of his own.

Retro illustration and technicolour splashes give this picture book real style. It's a beautiful thing to behold, reminiscent of vintage Americana advertising with a dash of old-school French sketchiness. The tropical palette really pops with Hawaiian blues and zingy yellows, while the characters are cute and cuddly.

The story too feels fresh: Martha's Dodo isn't imaginary and the gentle nature of their secret will delight young readers. A very lovely book indeed.

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