By the Light of the Moon

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Ivan has just arrived in his new house but his favourite toys and books are packed away in boxes. Everything feels cold and unfriendly. It doesn't feel like a proper home at all. Poor Ivan can't get to sleep and he gazes up at the moon, just as he used to, from his cosy old home.

Suddenly, a ball of light spills from the sky into his garden. Ivan rushes outside and discovers a friendly, furry creature who paints warm moonlight all over the garden. The magical Moji lights up the night with images of Ivan and his family enjoying life in this different place - and the worried little boy realises that in time, his new house will become a home.

A reassuringly simple yet enchanting story, brought to life with appealing illustrations, to allay children's worries about moving house and creating a home.

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