The Star Tree

Publisher: Frances Lincoln

It is midnight at midsummer, and little Mia is awake in her room with the rocking horse that shines in the moonlight. When the Great White Owl comes to the window and sings to her to climb onto its back and fly away, it is only the first of many animals that will ferry her through the night: Little Red Hare, Big White Bear, Giant Stag and the Great White Goose.

Mia's wonderful journey takes her through the drowsy night to the Star Tree, where she finds her own special star light to bring home: back to the sleeping house where the beautiful horse with the golden mane that waits for her.

A beautifully atmospheric book full of mythical and magical overtones, The Star Tree's soothing colours and gentle rhythm make it a perfect bedtime read, as well as a gentle meditation on dreaming.

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