Ada Twist, Scientist

Publisher: Abrams

Ada Marie is a curious child. Saying nothing until the age of three, she suddenly starts asking her parents, 'Why?' 'What?' 'How?' and 'When?' at every available opportunity.

As Ada grows up, her curiosity wreaks havoc at school, but she has all the traits of a great scientist. One day, there is a terrible stink, and Ada must form and test a hypothesis about what might be causing it - which leads to a stint in the Thinking Chair…

A brilliant and beautiful rhyming book about supporting your child's curiosity, Ada Twist also responds magnificently to the call for greater representation of girls - and girls of colour - in STEM subjects and industries (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Taking her inspiration from Ada Lovelace, the pioneer mathematician and programmer, Andrea Beaty has created an inspirational and entertaining book, stylishly illustrated by David Roberts.

Little Rebels Award Winner 2017.

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