You are a Champion

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Publisher: Macmillan

Marcus Rashford is arguably England’s best-loved footballer; not only for his amazing talent on the pitch, but also for his tireless activism fighting for the rights of children in the UK to receive free school meals over lockdown – which led to a government policy U-turn.

In this gentle and encouraging book, co-written by journalist Carl Anka, Marcus assures young fans that anything is possible with hard work, good friends, and a positive attitude. He talks candidly about growing up in awe of his football-mad brother in Manchester, struggling at school and the life lessons he learned from his Nanna; as well as what he learned on his incredible journey from playing after-school football to becoming one of the star players on the England team and a role model for millions of children everywhere.

With a straightforward and likeable tone and stylish black illustrations, this is the ultimate guide to making your own destiny on your terms. Each page is filled with positive affirmations, encouragement, and reminders to always view ‘failures’ as temporary setbacks, to learn from mistakes, and to never listen to anyone who says you can’t do something because of where you’re from. Each chapter ends with some ‘Action Points’ – activities to help the reader think about what their skills are, what they want to achieve, and what they can do to get there, as well as tips for dealing with self-confidence issues and anxiety.

An invaluable read for older readers as well as young football fans, this is a wry, moving, and memorable book for finding your way in the world.

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