Me and My Fear

Publisher: Flying Eye Books

The young girl in this story has a tiny, secret friend called Fear. Fear has always helped her stay safe when exploring new things, but since moving to a new country, Fear has grown and grown and won’t let her go out and explore, and guards her jealously at school. The girl knows that Fear is keeping her apart from the world but feels powerless to do anything about this challenging creature. But perhaps, if someone else is brave enough, they will find a way around Fear and offer a helping hand…

Me and My Fear is a heartfelt story exploring fear and anxiety. The physical manifestation of the girl’s anxiety and worries as this little (or not-so-little) creature represents how debilitating fears can become in a way that really hits home and that many readers will be able to relate to. It’s is perfectly balanced, however, by the story’s positive outcome and the young girl’s realisation that everyone has secret – or not-so-secret – Fears as well.

A beautiful book in both words, message and the soft yet highly expressive illustrations, it is great for sharing as well as an excellent starting point for conversations about social, emotional and mental health.

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