We’ve Got This!: Six Steps to Build Your Empathy Superpower

Publisher: Words & Pictures

If you’ve never thought about how empathy could make a difference in your life, or that empathy could be a skill you could develop, then perhaps this book is for you.

Split into six chapters, We’ve Got This! explores what empathy is, how it works, using empathy, learning to recognise emotions, being a good communicator and, finally, puts it all together to help you become an empathy superhero. The book also contains inspirational quotes from children’s authors and illustrators, and follows the Sharma family as they take an empathy journey along with the reader.

This book has been written in partnership with Empathy Lab, a social enterprise set up in 2015 that specialises in using literature to build children’s empathy awareness and skills. We’ve Got This!aims to help build an empathy-educated generation, inspired to create a kinder and less divided world. The book is a great and useful read for any time, but would be particularly useful for children celebrating Empathy Day.

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