Good News

Publisher: Wren & Rook

From pandemics and environmental destruction to war and discrimination, world news can sometimes seem rather bleak, leaving many children feeling anxious and despondent. This superb, upbeat book redresses the balance, highlighting amazing news stories from around the globe that will reassure, inspire and empower young people to make a difference.

Bad news is not ignored, as it’s important to understand what is wrong to be able to fix it. However, the overwhelming focus is on positive projects, innovations and research that address a range of world problems.

The introduction discusses how to spot disinformation, fake news and confirmation bias, which – in a time of information-overload – are essential skills to learn. Readers are encouraged to fact-check and confirm information, always ensuring it is from a reputable source. Each chapter then explores a different topic, including politics, the environment, health and the arts.

The stylish design is clear, fun and easy to navigate, while cheerful yellow illustrations and graphics break up the text. This marvellous book will help young people to better understand the world in which they live and motivate them to approach life with a positive, well-informed attitude.

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