How to be Extraordinary

Publisher: Puffin

This inspirational non-fiction picture book introduces children to extraordinary people from across the world and throughout history. Selected from a range of disciplines, including science, medicine, sport, politics and the arts, the 15 featured individuals are united by common themes of hard work, perseverance and their remarkable achievements.

Some names – such as Sir David Attenborough, Nelson Mandela or Michelle Obama – may be familiar to young readers, whereas others will be new to them. Children will learn about the bravery and determination of Aeham Ahmad, a Syrian musician who dragged his piano though war-torn streets to perform songs of hope and unity; or be enthused by Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Maathai, who inspired generations of people to plant millions of trees across the world, helping to combat the damaging effects of pollution and climate change.

Full of colour and movement, the dynamic illustrations have touches of humour and cleverly guide the reader through the informative text, which is dotted across each double-page spread. This joyful celebration of an eclectic group of exceptional individuals is sure to be enjoyed by a broad audience and will encourage children to think about how they too can be extraordinary.

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