Dadaji’s Paintbrush

Publisher: Andersen Press

A young boy lives with his dadaji (grandfather) in a tiny village in India. They do everything together – from selling sweet fruit in the market to sailing paper boats down the street during monsoon season. But most of all, they love to paint together.

Under the tutelage of his grandfather the boy starts with fingerpainting, then as he gets older, he tries brushes made from sticks while the village children watch through the window and often come in to paint as well. The house is always filled with laughter and colour. Until one day Dadaji passes away, and the young boy’s world turns grey and lonely. Overcome with sadness and loss, the boy shuts himself away and stops painting; he hides all the artwork and painting materials away, including Dadiji’s most favourite paintbrush. When a girl appears at his doorstep insisting on painting lessons, the boy’s inspiration is gradually rekindled. He reconnects with his talents, his love of painting, and, most importantly, the spirit of Dadaji.

Bursting with the colours of India, this touching picture book is full of heart and emotion. It’s an authentic story of the love between a grandchild and grandparent, which shows that their special bond is never broken, even after death.

Soft smudgy watercolours give a nostalgic feel, almost as though we’re watching an old memory.

Mae bachgen yn byw mewn pentref bach yn yr India gyda'i dadaji (taid). Maen nhw'n gwneud popeth gyda'i gilydd – o werthu ffrwythau yn y farchnad i hwylio cychod papur. Ond yn fwy na dim, maen nhw wrth eu boddau'n paentio gyda'i gilydd.

Ar ôl dechrau gyda phaentio â bysedd, mae'r bachgen yn datblygu i baentio â brwshys wedi'u gwneud o frigau tra bo plant y pentref yn gwylio trwy'r ffenestr. Un diwrnod, mae Dadaji yn marw, ac mae byd y bachgen bach yn troi yn fyd llwyd ac unig. A fydd paentio'n cynnig ffordd iddo ddianc rhag ei alar a'i golled?

Mae'r llyfr lluniau hwn, â lliwiau'r India'n ffrwydro o'i fewn, yn llawn teimlad ac emosiwn ac yn sicr o'ch cyffwrdd.

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