Lollipop and Grandpa and the Wobbly Tooth

Publisher: Phoenix Yard Books

Lollipop is very proud of her teeth and takes great pride in brushing them. One day she finds a wibbly wobbly one and doesn’t know quite what to do. Luckily her madcap Grandpa has a few ideas including a tug-of-war, an elephant’s trunk and a neighbourhood woodpecker. Lollipop isn’t sure whether Grandpa has really thought these plans through so when a crunchy apple solves the problem she’s very grateful.

The warm-hearted Lollipop and Grandpa series combines zippy stories with fresh, imaginative illustrations. Perfect for grandparents to share with their little ones, this is also an ideal book to read with children who are beginning to lose their first teeth. Young readers will enjoy Grandpa’s eccentric suggestions as well as being reassured by Lollipop’s trip to the dentist.

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