Eyes that Speak to the Stars

Publisher: HarperCollins

When a young Asian boy gets upset because his eyes look different to the other kids’ at school, his dad reassures him that his eyes are wonderful because they rise in the direction of the skies. Baba – the boy’s father – tells his son that he has a wonderful future ahead of him. Not just that, Baba makes him realise that his eyes are just like his grandfather’s too – and just like his younger brother’s.

This sequel to Eyes That Kiss in the Corners, a book that focuses on different generations of women in an Asian family, Eyes That Speaks to the Stars is a story about a little boy who learns to love his eyes through the love of the men in his family. This is an absolutely beautiful book, especially the end illustrations that show the little boy pictured standing with a Chinese dragon as the Emperor of his destiny.

An empowering read for Asian children in particular, but also a lovely celebration of family, fathers and grandfathers.

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