I Can Do It! A Book of 5 Fastenings

Publisher: Caterpillar Books

Buttons, shoelaces, velcro, poppers and zips: they can all be tough to get used to, especially for little hands, but this book is here to help. Explained within the context of getting dressed in the morning, this cute, interactive board book featuring a range of ethnically diverse children helps little ones to “put on” a shirt, hoodie, coat, bag and shoes.

Featuring a sturdy fastening on each double page spread - a zip that really zips, colour coded shoelaces for easy fastening, etc - along with clear instructions about how to open and close or tie up each example, this is the book parents and nurseries everywhere have been waiting for! Depending on your child’s development, it would also be useful at primary school (especially the shoelace-tying page). Bright and zingy illustrations, straightforward instructions and a fun feel means that really little ones can enjoy playing with the interactive elements and slightly older ones can perfect their fastening skills with repeated use. Excellent.

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