Itch Scritch Scratch

Publisher: Red Squirrel Books

Eleanor Updale and Sarah Horne have retold a story that every parent knows using bright, colourful pictures and rhyming text. Head lice are the focus of this fun and engaging picture book. The reader is shown how quickly nits multiply and what nits look like under a microscope. The book also shows us a wide variety of ways to treat nits and prevent them. Some of the treatments and preventions are more successful than others!

This is the perfect book for children and parents who have had to deal with nits. Children will love the funny illustrations. The rhyming text will help readers to engage with the story. The dyslexia-friendly features make this book highly accessible. Other dyslexia friendly pictures books you might enjoy are Wolf Man…He's on the Loose! By Michael Rosen and Christ Mould or Freddy and the Pig by Charlie Higson and Mark Chambers

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