Freddy and the Pig

Publisher: Red Squirrel Books

Freddy hates school and thinks that it is boring. He comes up with clever plan. He decides to dress a pig in his school clothes and send the pig to school in his place. To start off with things go well for Freddy and he is able to stay at home playing computer games and eating as much as he likes. The pig is happy too, he enjoys school and starts to do well. Things start to go wrong for Freddy when he gets so fat that his mum can no longer tell the difference between him and the pig.

Charlie Higson has created a funny tale which shows how disgusting little boys can be and shows how important it is to try your best at school. Mark Chambers’ illustrations bring the story to life and add to the humour. The dyslexia-friendly features make this book highly accessible. Other dyslexia friendly picture books you might enjoy are Itch Scritch Scratch by Eleanor Updale and Sarah Horne or All I Said Was by Michael Morpurgo and Ross Collins.

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