If I Had A Unicorn

Publisher: Thames & Hudson

A young girl daydreams about her ideal pet. She’s reluctantly had to reject the idea of keeping a fairy, a giant, a mermaid or a dragon for a variety of logistical and practical reasons. But then, what about a unicorn?

Of course, a unicorn would be just the thing! After all, unicorns are friendly, can grant wishes and, more than likely, share her taste for all kinds of sweet treats. And they can probably fly and take you on adventures. In fact, a unicorn is so wonderful, it probably has spectacularly wonderful poos too!

Enter the world of a child’s unfettered imagination in this delightful rhyming story that explores a variety of real-world experiences like shopping, birthday parties and bath time with the addition of a magical unicorn and its unique superpowers.

Vibrant illustrations in bold colours reflect both the real and fantasy worlds and characters of differing ethnicities, as well as the gentle humour of the text.

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