Chibi Samurai Wants a Pet

Publisher: Little Bigfoot

Little Kunoichi is a ninja-girl-in-training and has a very special pet – a fearless, powerful, super-duper Ninja Bunny.

Chibi Samurai, Little Kunoichi’s best friend, would like a special pet too, so sets off with his trusty map and special helmet (in case of unexpected danger) to find a stupendously spectacular animal playmate.

He searches in forests, swamps, skies and seas, but the fierce, slimy, capricious creatures he finds just aren’t right for him. Then, as he is about to give up, he finally discovers that his perfect pet has been hidden in plain sight – giving youngsters the chance to go back through the pages and find out where it was hiding.

Packed with distinctive watercolour illustrations, this quirky and charming picture book combines a useful life lesson with a fun look at selected aspects of Japanese folklore and culture. 

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