In the Key of Code

Publisher: Walker Books

In Emmy’s world, music is everything. The daughter of two musicians, she’s grown up surrounded by song. She walks to the beat of music in her head and turns to familiar songs when she’s anxious. But despite all this, Emmy is not musical. At all.

Now she’s in a new city and starting a new school, trying to figure out who she is and where she belongs. Everyone here looks like they stepped off the front cover of a glossy magazine and Emmy feels completely out of place. But when she joins a computer coding class, she meets inspiring teacher Ms Delaney, fellow coder Abigail, and is surprised to discover a real affinity for programming. Except Abigail and Ms Delaney are both keeping secrets. Why are they hiding, and what can Emmy do?

This verse novel brilliantly combines poetry, music and coding with a coming-of-age story and a celebration of girls in STEM. Even as Emmy, Abigail and those around them juggle friendships and struggle to find their place, they ultimately empower each other to stand up and conquer their fears. Whether you’re a coder or not, a musician or not, this book will surely make your heart sing.

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